• Home Insurance Online

    When it is wise to buy Home Insurance Online

    More and more people are getting quotes and buying home insurance online according to a number research groups. HDA Insurance Brokerage, one of the nation’s leaders in technology services online, has reported a drastic percentage decline in telephone calls for home insurance quotes; yet, 5 times that same percentage in increase of online home insurance […]

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  • Home Insurance Online

    National Home Insurance Online

    Your home is your greatest investment. Home Insurance  that protects it must be chosen wisely! National Home Insurance Online can help protect your home with coverage that fits your needs without breaking your budget. HDA Insurance takes responsibility to provide you with exceptional coverage at a low premium. If you will take a little more […]

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  • Earthquake Fault

    California Homes Built On or Near Fault Lines?

    A California Legislator has introduced a bill that would prevent construction on seismic faults. If passed, Senate Bill 1155 will mandate developers and city officials to treat an unzoned earthquake fault line just like a zoned earthquake fault line, plus add an additional setback of 75 feet. California has about 7,000 miles of earthquake faults […]

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  • Protect Your Home

    5 Hazards not covered by Homeowners Insurance

    5 Hazards not covered by Homeowners Insurance When a calamity occurs, your home insurance is supposed to return you to your condition prior to the loss. This is usually true, but there are times that will prove different! Home insurance coverage does have limitations; these come in financial limits of coverage but also in voids […]

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  • Castle Real Estate

    Never Settle: Keep Improving the Home

    The seller’s marker of summer will be arriving soon. by Jackie Gonzalez Contributor Here we are, in March. Are you going to jump into the market this year? If so, are you going to sell or buy? If you are selling, have you gotten your house in order? March is the month for spring cleaning, […]

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  • Tenants or Renters Insurance – What Consumers must know!

    Renters Insurance is also known as Tenants Insurance, it is a basic policy form offered by most insurers designed to provide contents coverage and liability protection in the event someone becomes injured at the residence. Renters Insurance is usually less expensive than most people may think, a basic renters policy may cost between $150 – […]

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  • Risk Assessment - Home Insurance

    Homeowners Insurance – What Consumers must know!

    Unexpected incidents and losses can happen at any time; it is essential for homeowners to assure they understand their home insurance options. We are fortunate to have a competitive home insurance market to offer a variety of insurance options; it is up to the consumer to purchase the policy that best meets his/her needs. It […]

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  • Escrow Transaction

    Stillwater Home Insurance Tips For Buyers

    It may be overwhelming to search for a new home, searching options online and then driving around to see the homes in person. Once you find the house that you’ll call home, the rushed process of activity begins starting with your offer and ending with the Close of Escrow. During the process, it is important […]

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  • Who ordered Automation?

    Who ordered Insurance Managed by Technology?

    Many state that technology has taken away the personal experience the insurance industry provides, HDA Insurance Brokerage has been working on assisting insurance companies produce and market products boasting great automation; this has been in response to an overwhelming move by consumers requesting a non-personal and more instantaneous method of transacting insurance. Stillwater Insurance Group, […]

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  • Insurance Company - CA, AZ, NV

    Winterize – To Protect your Home

    With each progressively worsening Winter with below average temperatures and unusually high snowfall, homes need not turn victim to adverse weather. California based HDA Insurance Brokerage advises that property owners consider the following tips to begin preparing homes for cold months ahead in order to avoid damage and insurance claims. The following suggestions will depend and vary […]

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