• Home For Sale

    How To Protect Your Home During The Selling Process

    With the numerous things to think about when buying and selling a house, details seem to pile up quicker than you’d like and overwhelming you. A great idea would be to plan ahead for any contingency; things will go much smoother and the chances are you’ll have less sleepless nights. One of the most common concerns […]

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  • Home Burglaries

    Want to Fool Seasoned Burglars?

    It is so easy to be fooled when you see movies or inaccurate news about dumb thieves burglarizing homes; where it is true that there may be a few petty criminals, many are highly trained (perhaps ex-military or law enforcement).  The trained and organized burglars have a well planned agenda to steal valuables, safes, jewelry […]

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  • Mortgage Debt

    Debt Since 2008 Financial Implosion

    Almost 11 years following the Great Recession of 2008, the housing market has shown signs of recovery and mortgage debt is less than it was in 2008. Conversely, non mortgage debt has and is continuing to grow; professionals forecast that United States non mortgage debt will reach $4 trillion by Christmas 2018. Mortgages are now […]

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  • Does Your Condo or Townhome Have Earthquake Coverage?

    Whether you are an individual unit owner or an HOA, it would be prudent to consider earthquake insurance to protect the property. This article highlights important considerations and exposures and the need for earthquake insurance. As a property owner, you may wish to consider the implications this may have to your finances in the event […]

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  • Landlords Insurance

    Landlords: 5 Types of Insurance Coverage You Want

    The ideals of being a Landlord are very simple; you buy a property, make any necessary repairs, secure tenants (hopefully good ones), and collect rent hoping to generate a positive cash flow. The basics are wonderful but they don’t take any legal ramifications or risk management factors into account. You may wish to consider insurance […]

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  • FICO Score

    What’s the Fuss about FICO scores?

      Credit scores continue to be a mystery to most people, especially when it comes time to apply for a mortgage to buy a home or refinance, apply for any other type of loan, or purchase insurance. We hope to dispel the myths and provide some great tips on how to optimize your credit.   […]

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  • Salons

    Salons – Ancient Industry Thriving In Revenue

    An Ancient Industry – Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Beauty Salons What’s an industry as old as recorded time?   Spa services. From the Roman bath houses, to the ancient spa practices throughout Asia, to everywhere in between, pampering ourselves for health, relaxation, and beauty has long been a part of our human heritage. Without surprise, the […]

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  • Credit Score

    FICO – Your Life Score

    Years ago, I had occasion to get to know Jason Ohler, a professor at the University of Alaska and a former student and protégé of Marshall “The medium is the message” McLuhan. Like McLuhan, Jason realized that technology is more than just a tool: It represents a tradeoff. We see the things that it gives […]

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  • Team Together

    Gather Your Team Together

    Mortgage Loan Processing is complicated! When you have a determined team entangled together nicely, everyone wins!   The essential chapters are Realtor, Mortgage Company, Escrow/Title Officer & Insurance Company. Let’s get together and streamline our operation; work it all as an institutional machine causing less headache to the customer and minimizing the wait time to avoid […]

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