• CA OR WA Earthquake Insurance

    Earthquake Awareness Month – Whose Fault?

    April is Earthquake Preparedness Month. If you haven’t already thought about it, now is the perfect time to get prepared for the next earthquake. Not only is it crucial that you be prepared, but spread the news to all your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues!​ Thousands of people, people who never thought they would experience […]

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  • Homeowners Insurance Claim

    Homeowners Insurance Claims

    Homeowners will contact the Claims Department for many reasons:  inquiries and reports of fire damage, smoke damage, wind damage, water damage, burglary, personal injury and many more… It would be much better for the homeowner if he or she had a good understanding of their home insurance policy and coverage before filing a claim.  It […]

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  • House For Sale Preparation

    First Impression Should Be The Best Impression

    You wouldn’t set out to your child’s graduation party without looking great, so why would you list your home for sale if it weren’t looking its best? With the best first impression, your home will bring an appropriately impressive offer as you’d expect!  Don’t make the mistake of many homeowners seeking for a lazy shortcut […]

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  • Rental Home Insurance

    Rental Home Insurance for Landlords

    Many Landlords are shocked to hear that their Homeowners Insurance Policies will not cover a home that is tenant occupied! Facts about Insuring Rental Homes Residential 1 – 4 Unit Dwellings which are tenant occupied should be insured by a Personal Lines Landlords Policy;  mortgage companies refer to all sorts of property insurance as ‘Hazard […]

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  • Small Business Insurance

    Why Buy General Liability Insurance?

    As a small business owner, general liability insurance may protect your company when the unexpected occurs. Liability insurance (also known as commercial general business liability insurance) covers a variety of situations, including injury or damage that occur on your property or that are caused by you or your employees. It can also cover costs associated […]

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  • California Rental Programs

    New California Rental Programs – Home Insurance

    2019 has brought great grief to the Real Estate Market; with the huge Fire Losses in 2017 and 2018, many insurance carriers have reduced their geographic service areas in order to underwrite against adverse selection. Rising interest rates, high market values and strict mortgage underwriting has left an increasing appetite for the rental market; not […]

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  • Stillwater Home Insurance

    Blanket Additional Insured Clause – Included – Business Insurance

    In order to provide clients yet another unique and time conserving innovation, Stillwater Insurance Group has presented the best included option yet for Small Businesses who need Additional Insured endorsements.   Immediately effective when an entity enters a written agreement with an insured within term of policy and provides instant coverage, even if an Additional Insured […]

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  • Water Flow Valve

    Water Damage in your Home? #WaterMitigation

    It is doubtful that you have ever met someone who was either happy with water damage in his/her home or who was sincerely happy with the hassle of repairing the damage! To the contrary, an example maybe a fraudster elated with the feeling of satisfaction knowing that others may have contributed to the remodeling of […]

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  • Business Insurance

    Business Insurance – Time Is Money…

      Benjamin Franklin once said: ‘Time is Money’ and the saying has stuck with us ever since! Business owners, more than anyone else, need to make the most of their valuable time. HDA Insurance has FAST and SMART options with the great Business Owners Package Policies. After answering just a few quick questions, you will […]

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  • Home Insurance Review

    Homeowners Insurance Review

    Home Insurance Buyer’s Review Analyzing your homeowners insurance policy is simple when you know which items to focus on. Reconstruction cost of your home may be the key starting point to a quick and painless review! Home owners typically buy insurance for two reasons; either to protect their asset or to satisfy their mortgage obligation […]

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