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Affordable Travel Insurance Plans

Travel Insurance plans are designed to help protect you and your trip from the unexpected, such as lost baggage and expensive medical bills. 

Buying affordable travel insurance is easy! Travel Insurance is sold in packages offering a variety of benefits, you may choose many of these benefits.

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"I suddenly became ill during my trip to Argentina, the Customer Service Center was there for me; they paid my hospital bill, sent a nurse to accompany me home and bought new airline tickets."

Lorena Garcia Gomez


Travel Insurance

Many customers are going on a Cruise or Traveling overseas and wish to be covered for Medical Expenses and Medical Evacuation should a sudden illness or accident occur while away from home.

When surfing among many websites in an anxious attempt to discover cheap travel insurance, it is common to see multiple sites but most important is understanding the coverage details which may well be of greatest importance should you suffer a mishap while away from home!

Travel Insurance provides protection for travelers on most types of trips, from weekend getaways to the luxury ski vacations.  

Although we offer extensive coverage when it comes to protecting your trip, we acknowledge that every trip is unique; we make upgrades available to allow you to customize your travel insurance policy to fit your needs.

HDA Insurance takes great pride in providing travelers all across the U.S. with outstanding travel insurance products and customer service. 

Coverage Details

Buying affordable travel insurance is easy! Travel Insurance is sold in packages offering a variety of benefits,  you may choose many of these benefits.

Whether traveling across the country or around the world, Travelex has a travel insurance plan that is right for you. When you have the coverage you need, you can relax and enjoy worry-free travel. Everyone seeks affordable travel insurance which will meet the challenges of today’s travel for you and your family to enjoy a worry-free trip. 

affordable travel insurance

Types of Hazard Insurance

  • Travel Insurance is the most popular way of protecting all the money you have spent on travel – airfares, cruise bookings, hotel reservations, tours, theater and theme-park tickets, rental cars, and many other prepaid travel expenses.   
  • Travel Insurance may also include emergency health and medical evacuation coverage, as well as coverage for lost luggage. 
  • No matter your travel type, there are always non-refundable deposits you may want to protect and potentially crippling emergency medical expenses you want to avoid. 
  • Each trip is unique, every traveler will choose the best travel insurance depending on the specific risk or concern at hand

Travel Insurance is there to protect you when travel emergencies strike, but also to reimburse you for money you’ve already spent on your trip if you have to cancel before it’s even time to depart. 


Policy Service

Emergency Assistance is available with 24-hour emergency travel assistance and concierge services for situations that include:
  • Travel Document and Ticket Replacement
  • Emergency Cash Transfer
  • Language Interpretation Services
  • 24 Hour Legal Assistance
More details available on our Policy Service tab.


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Chances are, you'll find the answer in our FAQs. We have listed some of the more common questions asked by travelers.

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Perhaps just another expense?  Absolutely not!  Travel Insurance plans can cover you for the unexpected costs that may occur before or during your trip.  Many trips are planned in advance and most people take advantage of pre-paid discounts.  If financial loss is of concern, you need Travel Insurance. 

The cost of travel insurance is based on the value of the trip and the age of the traveler. 

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Yes, absolutely.  Travel Insurance is designed to cover you while on a trip away from home.  We have an assortment of travel insurance options.  

It is best to check with your health insurance provider to see if you are covered overseas or even out of your local network area.  Generally, Medicare does not offer coverage overseas, and hospitals in other countries often require payment up front.  Very few health insurance plans pay for your medical evacuation back to the United States.   The most valuable coverage is travel insurance with emergency medical and emergency medical transportation benefits. 

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