• Savings Ahead

    Ten Ways To Lower Home Insurance Premium

    Ten Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premium Homeowners Insurance prices may vary greatly depending on many factors. The following items are worth contemplating before buying your home insurance. Get Quotes This step shouldn’t take long but may save you some money. It is best to ask your family and neighbors which company they are […]

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  • Earthquake Risk

    Earthquake Risk is Real

    Homeowners deserve better coverage, flexible coverage limits, and more deductible options! An article in The Seattle Times clearly explains issues regarding the availability and affordability of earthquake insurance.  In comparison to Homeowners Insurance, Earthquake Insurance seems to be out of reach for many, including a huge lack of options with only one handful of carriers […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    Fear of Earthquake Devastation?

    Following the recent Seismic Events circling the Pacific Tectonic Plates, Earthquake Insurance has once again become the ‘Talk of the Town’! Many consumers seem to be making decisions in a rushed manner out of fear, buying a high premium/low deductible policy which is almost certain not to be renewed the following year. (Waste of Money!!!) […]

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  • Homeowner Pessimism

    Trulia Survey Reveals Homeowner Pessimism

    A blemish of pessimism is wandering around the housing market and homebuyers’ decisions according to a new poll by Trulia. Many homeowners believe that a housing purchase mistake in the past is now holding them back from making a move from their present situation. Poll respondents believed that housing prices have become less affordable since […]

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  • Insurance Agency

    We buy agencies nationwide! Now is a great time to sell!

      At HDA Insurance, we are entrepreneurs no different than each and every agency owner who has worked so hard for agency volume growth, marketing techniques, personal connections and financial security. We are a fairly young organization established in 1986 and have persevered through both organic agency growth and acquisition since that time!   If […]

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  • Earthquake Risk

    Your Position on Earthquake Insurance

    Less than 1 in 5 California homeowners have purchased earthquake insurance; this means that more than 4 out of 5 California homeowners either feel that they can’t afford it or simply taking the chance that they will not be the victim of the next temblor. Many homeowners who have at least entertained the idea and […]

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  • Insurance Review

    When to Review Your Home Insurance

    Many of us haven’t thought about our homeowners insurance coverage for many years. In fact, it is sadly common to find that most people haven’t even reviewed their coverage since they bought the policy. How about a few tips that may prompt a review of your coverage:   Reconstruction Costs Have Changed The majority of […]

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  • Faucet Left Running

    On Vacation Without Shutting Off Interior Water Main???

    Have You Ever Left Home for a long Weekend or a Vacation with the family leaving the interior water main pressurized? Water Damage: One of the greatest challenges facing the insurance industry today is the assessment of water damage to residential homes. The causes range from the aging of water lines, failure to regularly replace […]

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  • Furious Pitbull

    Did You Let The Pitbull Loose?

    Loving or Furious – Insurance Carriers can’t be expected to know the circumstances!               Some homeowners make the adult decision to have a dog;  some insurance carriers make the business decision to underwrite risk!   Each has to think about the consequences. Those homeowners who decide to have an […]

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  • Home Insurance Shortcuts

    Careful with that Chisel! Save $20 for 30% Hit?

    Save $20 Annual Premium and Inherit 30% of your Next Insurance Claim? No way would a homeowner do that in their right mind!   What’s this all about? The purpose of homeowners insurance is primarily to cover the greatest risk, the rebuilding of your home from the ground up in a total loss caused by fire! […]

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