• Nevada Home Insurance Online

    Nevada Homeowners Insurance – Nevada Hazard Insurance

    State of Nevada – Insurance The State Motto is ‘All for Our Country’, meaning that the State would give all its allegience to the United States of America. Nevada is known as ‘The Silver State’ originating in the mid 1800’s during the silver rush days. With a population of  almost 3 million people, it houses […]

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  • Oregon Homeowners Insurance

    Oregon Homeowners Insurance – Oregon Hazard Insurance

    State of Oregon – Insurance The State Motto is ‘Alis Volat Propriis’, a Latin term meaning “She Flies With Her Own Wings”. Oregon is known as ‘The Beaver State’ originating in the early 19th century when Oregon’s streams were a great source of beaver pelts used for the fashionable fur hats. With a population of  […]

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  • Washington State - Homeowners Insurance

    Washington Homeowners Insurance – Hazard Insurance

      State of Washington – Insurance The State Motto is ‘Al-Ki’, a Chinook Indian word meaning “bye and bye” or “hope for the future.” Washington is known as ‘The Evergreen State’ for its abundant evergreen forests. With a population of  almost 7 million people, it houses the nation’s 18th largest State by surface area and […]

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  • Release of New Global Health Insurance Plans for Expats

      Cigna launches new international health insurance plans for individuals Cigna introduces new individual private medical insurance product suite which includes Silver, Gold and Platinum options Gives customers and partners the ability to create unique plans which fit around their unique healthcare needs and budgets, while still benefitting from Cigna’s industry-leading service Replaces existing Cigna […]

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  • Swimming Pool Insurance

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cost More When You Have A Swimming Pool?

    A swimming pool is an attractive luxury and may in many ways enhance the sales value of your home, but your insurance company factors it as a possible risk. Homes are insured based on reconstruction value and relative risk to the insuring carrier. A swimming pool can pose a threat to the carrier since there […]

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  • Laptop Fire Damage

    Does Renters Insurance Cover Your Laptop? – Renters Insurance Coverage

    What’s the importance of Renters Insurance? If you’re renting a house, condo, or an apartment, the last thing you’re thinking about is renters insurance. Since you don’t own the building, the landlord is covered, and you don’t value your personal belongings to really add up, what’s the point? What would you do if: The building […]

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  • California Homeowners Insurance – California Hazard Insurance

    State of California – Insurance The State Motto is ‘Eureka’; this is a Greek words which means “I have found it” referring to the discovery of gold in California. California is known as ‘The Golden State’; it is the third largest state by area. California’s diverse geography ranges from the Pacific Coast, to the Redwood-Douglas […]

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  • Hurricane Preparation

    Prepare For A Hurricane – Make Filing A Claim Easier After The Storm

    Five Quick Tips – How To Prepare For A Hurricane #1 Create a Home Inventory It would be much easier to deal with the claims scenario if you have a complete inventory list of your personal belongings inside your home. The inventory list should include all the important information (brand, model, serial # etc…) of your […]

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  • Flood Insurance Risk

    California Flood Preparedness Week – Is Your Property Insured Against Flood?

    California Flood   Preparedness Week: The Best Time to Buy Flood Insurance California’s Flood Preparedness Week will take place October 20 to October 25, 2014. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the California Department of Water Resources, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, along with other Federal and State agencies, are teaming up with local […]

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  • Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance

    Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance – Pennsylvania Hazard Insurance

    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Insurance The State Motto is Virtue, Liberty, and Independence. Pennsylvania is known as ‘The Keystone State’; in the early days of  America, Pennsylvania played a vital geographic and strategic role in maintaining the unity of the newly formed Union. With a population of  almost 13 million people, it houses the nation’s […]

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