Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Policy

Umbrella Insurance offers an extra layer of liability coverage, which will be greatly helpful if you're ever found responsible for damages in excess of the limits on your auto insurance or home insurance policies. 

In today’s increasingly litigious climate with the proliferation of nuclear verdicts, Personal Umbrella Insurance is no longer only for the wealthy; middle-income families are very much in need of this additional layer of protection.  

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"When seeking Umbrella Insurance, it was difficult for me to find a company to accept my risk; I'm a physician with multiple properties and required $5 Million Umbrella at the suggestion of my attorney. I have a teenage driver at home and my properties are in 3 different states. When all I was hearing was excuses, HDA wrote my policy through Markel without a glitch. Thank you for the great service! "

Dr. Syed Kamran


Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance is an additional level of liability insurance in excess of your primary auto, homeowners or boat insurance policies. This type of policy is written to protect you from catastrophic liability claims and lawsuits; the main purpose is the protection of assets.

To better understand how the umbrella policy works; let us assume you are involved in an at fault automobile collision and a single occupant of the other vehicle has sustained bodily injury with medical costs of $500,000.  If your primary auto insurance has $250,000 per person Bodily Injury limit, the balance would be picked up by your Personal Umbrella Policy.   

You can now qualify for a standalone personal umbrella policy without the requirement of switching your Homeowners, Landlord or Auto insurance to a different carrier.

Coverage Details

Personal Umbrella Insurance offers attractive protection for those with concerns about underlying insurance policy limits leaving them exposed in the event of a large liability loss.

Without an Umbrella Policy, a lawsuit could leave you devastated with the loss of your home and/or savings. 

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Types of Hazard Insurance

  • Personal Umbrella Coverage is a very necessary tool for the protection of assets of higher net worth individuals; the Personal Umbrella is designed to offer excess liability coverage over and above the limits of the common Homeowners Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Fire Insurance, Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance & Watercraft Insurance Policies.
  • With the recent experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, trends are emerging that may impact the personal umbrella industry in the future.
  • The last decade saw a spike in fatal car crashes, which may be attributed somewhat to distracted driving perhaps due to busier lifestyles and more digital distractions.

If thinking about an increased level of protection with a Personal Umbrella Policy,  contact us and a licensed representative will answer any questions and will prepare a quotation offer for your approval.  


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Here are the most common questions

Chances are, you'll find the answer in our FAQs. We have listed some of the more common questions asked by Personal Umbrella Insurance clients.

We’re here to answer any and all your questions.  For more specific questions, you may complete our Contact Us form and one of our representatives will be happy to personally research the topic and respond at your convenience.

Personal Umbrella Insurance is optional coverage that provides liability coverage on an excess basis beyond the limits of your homeowners and auto insurance policies. 

Everyday activities put us all at risk. If you own a home, own a car or drive someone else’s car, you run the risk of being sued. If there is any chance that a claim will be made against you for damages in excess of your home or auto insurance liability limits, you need to purchase an Umbrella Policy. 

 You will need to gather all your underlying policies and contact HDA Insurance for your quotation.  A licensed representative will ask you for a copy of the Underlying Policy Declarations Pages and very few Driver/Vehicle details.  You will not be required to change any of your policies and will receive a copy of an actual detailed quotation e-Mailed to you.  It is a very simple process; it is important for us to know your risk and your concerns before quoting so that we can keep it as simple as possible without missing any details. 

Business Risks are covered with Commercial Policies. Umbrellas are ‘Excess’ policies to the Underlying Policy Limits; therefore,  a Personal Umbrella is used for Personal Lines Risks (i.e. Home, Auto, Motorcycle, RV etc…)  and a Commercial Umbrella would be used to offer Excess to underlying Commercial Lines Risks (i.e. Business Owners Package, General Liability Insurance etc…).  Personal & Commercial Lines policies do not overlap, thus your Umbrella will follow the Underlying policy.  

Personal Umbrella Insurance contracts are usually written between $1 Million and $5 Million, issued in $1 Million increments.  The amount needed should be discussed with your accountant and legal professional to calculate your risk level.  

As an excess policy, Umbrella Insurance is one of the most inexpensive ways to buy peace of mind.  In many areas of the country, a family can cover a home risk and 2 vehicles without any youthful drivers for $1 Million limit with a premium of less than $200 per year. You must bear in mind that the underlying policy will first exhaust all coverage before the umbrella will kick in.  High net worth individuals are far better off buying the highest limits on an umbrella and easily shaving off the premium from the underlying policies by selecting the highest deductible options. If you are protecting your assets, the big liability claim is a huge threat!