• Business Cyber Attack

    What is Insurance Coverage for Small Businesses?

    Modern coverage for modern small businesses If the security of sensitive customer data is a concern for your small business, we have the tools and resources you will need to survive and respond effectively to the threat of data breaches and cyber attacks — we are happy to offer you the Stillwater Business Owners Package Cyber […]

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  • Home Burglary - Street Lighting

    How to Protect Your Home from Burglary

      There are plenty of robbers and thugs interested in breaking into your house; that doesn’t mean you can’t make it difficult for them! The goal in preventing crime is to eliminate opportunity, and it’s up to you to make sure that obvious opportunities are eliminated. Though many people only worry about nighttime security, most break-ins […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    Residential Earthquake Insurance Updates – 2019

    Even though winter is upon us, it is important to remember that earthquakes have no season. Because earthquakes can strike at any time, “anytime” is the right time to request an earthquake insurance quote. Standalone earthquake policies are most commonly written in California, Oregon & Washington.  There are Basic, Comprehensive and Customized earthquake insurance policies all […]

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  • Winterize Home

    How to Winterize your Home for Cold Weather

    Prevent holiday mishaps with a few ways to winterize your home for cold weather. Seeing snow for Christmas? If you live in a cold climate, white Christmases are fun: snow angels, snow men, hot chocolate and more. But winter also brings some potential problems for homes. The following nine ways may help winterize your home […]

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  • Home Insurance Pic

    5 Factors to Consider when Buying your Home

    If you’re buying a home, there’s a lot to think about. As you begin making choices from finding the best mortgage rates to choosing your color scheme, it’s probably a good idea to have knowledge of all the costs associated with buying a property. Mortgages always carry additional costs that need to be considered before […]

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  • Personal Umbrella - Stand Alone

    What is a Personal Umbrella Policy – PUP ?

    Most Professionals and individuals of high net worth seek Umbrella Protection.    Umbrellas come in two designs;  Personal and Commercial.      Personal Umbrella Policies are referred to as PUPs  and Commercial Umbrella Policies are commonly referred to as CUPs.   Umbrella policies are either Personal or Commercial and do not cross over;  the PUP is […]

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  • Home Business

    What is Home Business Insurance?

    Home based business policies are designed specifically to handle the insurance needs of a business operating out of an insured’s home. This policy provides Business Personal Property Coverage (equipment, inventory and supplies) and business-related liability exposures. In addition, a Home Business Insurance policy can provide coverage for lost income, and losses or damage from business […]

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  • Business Insurance

    Small Business Insurance – Business Owners Policy

    HDA Insurance makes insuring your small business insurance needs  SIMPLE and EASY. Our Business Owner’s Package (BOP) insurance provides coverage for buildings and contents, business interruption coverage, and general liability protection. It’s designed for small to medium-sized businesses from a single proprietor up to 50 employees, for established businesses as well as new ventures. Lightning-fast Quotes […]

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  • Home Insurance Premium

    Home Insurance Premium Adjustment

    Pricing Factors used by Actuaries to produce rates Homeowners insurance rates are not individual in nature but based on a large segment of similar risk; since Insurance is defined as ‘Shared Risk’, all property owners place premium in the system which is guarded by a regulated and audited insurance carrier to be paid out when […]

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  • Rental Home Insurance

    Landlord Protection for Rental Homes

    Landlord Protection Insurance designed for the coverage needs of residential landlords (1 – 4 Units) Loss of Rent offers coverage for your loss of rental income caused by covered perils. Limited Liability Corporations (LLC), Limited Partnerships (LP) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) can be added as a Named Insured on Landlords Policies. Optional Water Backup […]

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