• Southern Mexico Earthquake 7.4

    Mexico’s national seismology service has reported a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred the morning of June 23, in Oaxaca, Mexico.  This quake was strong enough to be felt over 400 miles away in Mexico City.  Thankfully, early reports state that the damage is not too extensive and major infrastructure in the region is in good shape. […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    Earthquake Early Warning System

    An Earthquake Early Warning System by the name of ShakeAlert has been sending alerts of tremors in California since the latter part of 2019. Earthquakes have two major elements; P-waves and S-waves;  the P-waves are the faster seismic waves which precede the heavier and more damaging S-waves.   The warning system focuses on the P-waves in […]

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  • Dog and Cat healthcare

    Best Pet Insurance Online

    Pets are part of the family, and we want them to have the best possible care. Similar to healthcare for humans, budgeting for pet medical expenses can be difficult; even one accident or emergency could mean thousands of dollars in unexpected costs. HDA Insurance offers several affordable pet insurance plans that cover routine checkups, emergency […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    California Nevada Earthquake 6.5 | Lucky Again?

    Perhaps we were Lucky Again !…. This recent 6.5 magnitude earthquake was centered near Tonopah, it was Nevada’s largest earthquake in 66 years. Although it was felt across 3 states, luckily, it was in a remote area causing little damage. As an example, the HayWired study, conducted by the USGS, studied the impact of a […]

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  • Home Insurance Savings

    Homeowners Insurance – Here For You!

      Covid-19 has come upon us as if it were a plague.  Recent events have served as a reminder of the importance of being connected, we all need the business community to remain intact and support the needs of fellow business owners and property owners. HDA Insurance Brokerage has remained both open and committed as […]

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  • Personal Umbrella

    Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage

    Flash News:   For Those Who Like To Drive!!!   Our Simple Procedures You can now qualify for a standalone personal umbrella with just $250/500/100 on your underlying auto insurance! Yep, this includes all types of drivers: youthful operators, drivers over age 79 and even those with auto claims and minor moving violations. Policies are available […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    How to Buy Residential Earthquake Insurance – CA, OR, & WA ?

    Residential Earthquake Insurance serving CA, OR, & WA   If you live anywhere along the West Coast, chances are you’ve felt the ground suddenly lurch beneath your feet, windows shake violently, and items fly off shelves, crashing to the ground—all of which leave you more than a little shaky yourselves. Fortunately, you can stay on solid […]

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  • Security Tips

    Top 10 Security Tips for Keeping Cars and Homes safe this year!

    Whether you’re headed out for a much-needed summer vacation or planning an at-home staycation, here are top property security tips to keep your home and vehicles safe. Top 10 property security tips for homes and possessions Summer is peak season for home burglaries, according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, as quoted in PropertyCasualty360. Summer travel, […]

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  • Rental Home Insurance

    Is Rental Property Insurance the same as Landlord Insurance?

    Rental property insurance and Landlord insurance are actually the same thing;  they are both also known as Hazard Insurance by mortgage companies and simply Home Insurance by many property owners.  Although you can name the policy whatever you’d like, it is important to differentiate the coverage offered by the actual policy as a Rental Home […]

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  • Condo Unit Insurance

    Why Buy Condo Insurance | Condo Landlord Insurance | Condo Hazard Insurance?

    Condo Insurance is an insurance policy which is purchased by a Condo Unit Owner.  The purpose of the insurance is to cover the interior of the unit, cover the owner’s personal belongings, and offer personal liability coverage for the unit owner and resident family. Why Buy Condo Insurance? Many first time Condo Unit buyers may […]

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