• Small Business Insurance for Artisan Contractors

    Only pay for the Commercial Coverage you need, FREE Unlimited and Instant Certificates of Insurance online.  For the modern operator on the go, we have the answer!   Let us set you up so that you won’t have to worry about insurance again. Our great artisan program offers policies to a wide range of small businesses […]

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  • Mortgage Insurance

    Mortgage Insurance, Hazard Insurance & Homeowners Insurance

    Mortgage Insurance is commonly referred to as PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) which compensates banks and mortgage companies for losses due to the default of a mortgage loan.  Although PMI is insurance on the mortgage loan, it actually has nothing to do with physically insuring your home against the perils of Fire, Wind, Hail and other […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    Little Earthquakes worse than Big Earthquakes? | Earthquake Insurance

    A recent online discussion of recent earthquakes has raised some concern. It went something like this: Just as cows kill 10 times as many people a year as sharks, small earthquakes cause more damage than large ones. Could this mean that cows are more dangerous than sharks? And by extension, small earthquakes are more dangerous […]

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  • Small Business

    Best Small Business Insurance – Business Owners Policy

    A Business Owners Policy is a package of essential coverages for small to medium sized companies like yours. It insures your business’s building and/or equipment and provides basic liability insurance. It even helps you maintain your income if a fire or other covered incident interrupts your business.  Program available in 38 States… It’s designed to […]

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  • Credit Card Debt

    Consulting with Aging Parents about Finances

    As our parents age, their financial needs change, as do their financial resources, and, sometimes, their ability to handle their finances.  Small wonder that you as an adult child can become involved in your aging parents’ financial matters. Before that happens, it is important to discuss future finances with them – the sooner the better, […]

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  • Flood Insurance

    Flood After Fire: The Risk is Real

      Wildfires have increased in frequency and intensity. This year in California alone, the wildfire season has been record-breaking.  While the peril of fire results in devastating damage and loss, there’s an additional threat after the fire that property owners should not overlook. An increased risk for flooding after a fire is gone…even long gone. […]

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  • Earthquake

    Southern Mexico Earthquake 7.4

    Mexico’s national seismology service has reported a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred the morning of June 23, in Oaxaca, Mexico.  This quake was strong enough to be felt over 400 miles away in Mexico City.  Thankfully, early reports state that the damage is not too extensive and major infrastructure in the region is in good shape. […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    Earthquake Early Warning System

    An Earthquake Early Warning System by the name of ShakeAlert has been sending alerts of tremors in California since the latter part of 2019. Earthquakes have two major elements; P-waves and S-waves;  the P-waves are the faster seismic waves which precede the heavier and more damaging S-waves.   The warning system focuses on the P-waves in […]

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  • Dog and Cat healthcare

    Best Pet Insurance Online

    Pets are part of the family, and we want them to have the best possible care. Similar to healthcare for humans, budgeting for pet medical expenses can be difficult; even one accident or emergency could mean thousands of dollars in unexpected costs. HDA Insurance offers several affordable pet insurance plans that cover routine checkups, emergency […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    California Nevada Earthquake 6.5 | Lucky Again?

    Perhaps we were Lucky Again !…. This recent 6.5 magnitude earthquake was centered near Tonopah, it was Nevada’s largest earthquake in 66 years. Although it was felt across 3 states, luckily, it was in a remote area causing little damage. As an example, the HayWired study, conducted by the USGS, studied the impact of a […]

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