• FICO Score

    What’s the Fuss about FICO scores?

      Credit scores continue to be a mystery to most people, especially when it comes time to apply for a mortgage to buy a home or refinance, apply for any other type of loan, or purchase insurance. We hope to dispel the myths and provide some great tips on how to optimize your credit.   […]

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  • Salons

    Salons – Ancient Industry Thriving In Revenue

    An Ancient Industry – Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Beauty Salons What’s an industry as old as recorded time?   Spa services. From the Roman bath houses, to the ancient spa practices throughout Asia, to everywhere in between, pampering ourselves for health, relaxation, and beauty has long been a part of our human heritage. Without surprise, the […]

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  • Credit Score

    FICO – Your Life Score

    Years ago, I had occasion to get to know Jason Ohler, a professor at the University of Alaska and a former student and protégé of Marshall “The medium is the message” McLuhan. Like McLuhan, Jason realized that technology is more than just a tool: It represents a tradeoff. We see the things that it gives […]

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  • Team Together

    Gather Your Team Together

    Mortgage Loan Processing is complicated! When you have a determined team entangled together nicely, everyone wins!   The essential chapters are Realtor, Mortgage Company, Escrow/Title Officer & Insurance Company. Let’s get together and streamline our operation; work it all as an institutional machine causing less headache to the customer and minimizing the wait time to avoid […]

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  • Clutter

    5 Steps on Decluttering Your House For Sale

    In case you’re considering selling, you’ve most likely heard the suggestion from realtors and stagers to eliminate mess to interest potential purchasers. It’s simpler for another person to envision living in your home on the off chance that they don’t need to look past packed corners and storerooms. Lamentably, it can be overpowering to consider […]

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  • Personal Umbrella

    Learn About Umbrella Insurance

    What is Umbrella insurance? Umbrella insurance is additional liability insurance in excess of your primary auto, homeowners or boat insurance policies. This type of policy is written to protect you from catastrophic liability claims and lawsuits; the main purpose is the protection of assets. The Umbrella Policy: 1. Provides excess liability coverage above the limits […]

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  • Small Business Insurance

    Commercial Insurance Package Product – Small Business

    During the past year, we’ve realized what a competitive niche we have to offer on Small Business Owners Packages and Lessors Risk policies.   We are able to write the Property, the Tenant Business or both the Property and Business in an owner occupied scenario.  Presently admitted to underwrite in the following 17 States: Arizona, Idaho, […]

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  • Texas Wind & Hail Insurance

    Texas Wind & Hail Coverage

    Texas has recently seen changes with insurance carriers either declining to insure homes in higher risk areas or simply excluding the perils of wind and hail from homeowners insurance policies. For homeowners who have a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy inclusive of wind and hail coverage, it is commonplace to find a separate deductible for ‘Wind […]

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  • Seattle Earthquake Insurance

    Could Seattle be the target of a Natural Disaster?

    Hazards of the Pacific Northwest Region The state of Washington has a significant earthquake risk; from the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which extends from Vancouver Island to Cape Mendocino, to the Seattle Fault Zone that runs underneath Puget Sound and the city of Seattle, millions of people are at risk. Earthquake insurance is one of the […]

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