• Home Insurance

    Where To Buy Discount Home Insurance

    HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE   Do you wonder where homeowners buy their affordable home insurance policies?  Every time you receive a renewal invoice or purchase a new home, you may wonder where your neighbors are buying their insurance! We are referring to Homeowners Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Townhome Owners Insurance and Condo Owners Insurance; these all may be […]

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  • Buying New Home Insurance

    Searching for a home? Ask your insurance company for help! What???

    Your insurance company may perhaps be the last place you’d think of asking for assistance regarding the purchase of a home; however, it may be the richest resource! Insurance companies calculate premium based on risk; risk is calculated by the reconstruction cost of the home and other factors that may cause a premium surcharge such […]

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  • Marketing Opportunity

    Insurance Marketing Opportunity – National

    Licensed Insurance Agent Here’s a Great National Opportunity Are you an insurance agent with licenses to sell Property and Casualty products? Do you have prior experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry? Would you like to work from either your home or your present office? HDA Insurance is seeking licensed property and casualty insurance […]

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  • Property Inspection

    Insurance Companies Requiring Home Inspections? What’s this all about?

    Have you recently purchased homeowners insurance and been advised that a usual home inspection will be conducted? This is not unusual and you don’t need to be on guard! There are a couple of reasons for the inspection: the primary reason is to assure that the home is in good maintenance and there aren’t obvious […]

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  • Renters Insurance

    How to Insure a Rental Property – Landlords Insurance

    If you own a home and rent it to others, Stillwater Insurance Group offers a Landlords Insurance Plan also known as a Tenant Occupied Dwelling Fire Policy.   It is essential to assure that the correct insurance form is in place for your rental home;  don’t be surprised in the unfortunate event of a claim with […]

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  • Safe Home Insurance

    Are You Safe With Stillwater Homeowners Insurance?

    Stillwater Homeowners Insurance provides coverage for your home and personal property from a variety of perils, such as Fire, Theft, Wind, Vandalism, Water Damage, Hail etc… Stillwater covers your home and personal contents; if your home is uninhabitable due to a covered loss, the named insured will be paid for living expenses due to the […]

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  • Home Mortgage Loan

    A Mortgage for Your New Home

    Most people buying a new home need a mortgage loan to assist with the purchase; there are some options regarding where to go for assistance.   It is common for the loyal customer to contact his or her personal banking institution for assistance; however, it is no secret that the traditional banks for one reason or […]

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  • Hazard Insurance - HOA

    Understanding Hazard Insurance Requirements

    Your homeowners’ association Master Policy may not provide comprehensive coverage for your dwelling? Unit owners enjoy the benefits of  community living with a homeowners’ association governing community issues including insurance, most unit owners don’t understand the details of insuring their property against fire, water damage, and other hazards. A common misunderstanding is that the coverage provided by […]

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  • Federal Reserve System

    Are Interest Rate Hikes In Near Future?

    There is no indication that the Federal Reserve will raise the central bank’s rock-bottom interest rates despite the fact that there have been some recent positive economic indicators. Consumer spending has always been a major percentage of the overall GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the U.S.A.; after the recession in 2008, consumer spending was at […]

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  • Escrow Impound Account

    Escrow – Impound Account and Home Insurance Updates

    An Escrow or Impound account  serves as a bank account associated but separate from your mortgage loan account. Money is deposited each month thus building up a savings balance until an invoice is presented for home insurance and/or property taxes. Most mortgage companies pay bills that are presented approximately 2 weeks ahead of the due […]

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