• Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance – Why Worry? Be Safe? – Affordable Travel Insurance

    Protecting your vacation and money spent is the first objective of travel insurance. In addition to protecting you from trip cancellation and medical emergencies, we also look after your personal belongings. Our travel insurance offers reimbursement for lost, damaged or stolen luggage and belongings. In addition, our administration center offers assistance in replacing lost prescriptions, […]

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  • Palomar Specialty

    High Value Residential Earthquake Insurance Program

    HDA Insurance is pleased to announce that we have added a new admitted carrier to our Residential Earthquake platform. Palomar Specialty Insurance Company, an “A-” rated carrier by A.M. Best Company, will serve the high value home segment. Our current programs provide limits up to $5 million coverage A in all California counties except Los […]

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  • Home Insurance

    What Makes Home Insurance Expensive? (Or Cheap?)

    Imagine, you are all set to sign a purchase contract for your new home and the next thing that you have in mind is the selection of a homeowners insurance policy; also known as HOI, Home Insurance or Hazard Insurance. This insurance is essential to cover the home from a standard list of perils. The […]

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  • HDA Insurance Dynamics

    8 Dynamics Influencing Homeowners Insurance Premium

    Are you buying a new house? Are you buying an older house? Are you searching for new insurance? Do you know what affects your homeowners insurance? Besides the value of the house, the cost of homeowners insurance is dependent upon a number of factors. It is essential to understand these factors to gain maximum benefits […]

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  • Safeco Insurance Company

    Agency Is Presented Safeco Key Agent Status

     Safeco Insurance® honors HDA Insurance Brokerage with the Safeco® Key Agent Program   HDA Insurance Brokerage has been selected for membership in the Safeco Key Agent Program, which recognizes performance and partnership.   Fewer than 10% of independent insurance agencies that write Safeco personal lines products receive this honor, and we are pleased to be […]

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  • Washington Home Insurance

    Importance of Homeowners Insurance in Washington

    Home Insurance – Washington State Everyone strives to have a nice house, a property that can provide them with benefits and perks that they can call Home. For every person, one’s home is the most important and essential possession. “Home” as the name feels like, is a safe, secure and comfortable place to end each […]

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  • Washington State Insurance

    Earthquake Insurance: Get Your Quote Now!

    A Little About Earthquakes, Mount Rainier and Homeowners Insurance: Disasters are unforeseen, no one can actually predict when they are about to occur. The only thing that a person can do is plan and be prepared for unpredictable disasters. Earthquakes caused by active volcanoes similar to Mount Rainier can cause a lot of damage. This […]

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  • Save Your Home - Tips

    Save Your Home From Storms And Flood – Tips

    It’s April and rest assured May flowers are expected real soon. With showers, when there are May Flowers, there are also a stream of ruthless weather hazards that may cause damage to your home sweet home. As per the updates of NWS i.e. National Weather Service, the damage caused by thunderstorms and cloud bursts to properties […]

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  • Residential Earthquake Insurance

    Earthquake – Is the Big One Soon?

    The recent major earthquakes in Los Angeles and Chile are a reminder of how unpredictable natural disasters can be. Don’t wait until it’s too late to look into earthquake coverage. It takes less than one minute to obtain a quote online via HDAinsurance.com Our stand-alone product can be purchased any time. If you are not […]

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  • Renters Insurance

    Affordable Renters Insurance – 6 Ways To Avail Discounts

    There is no denying the fact that renters insurance has reached a level where it is considered the most economical and affordable i.e. an average of $30,000 of personal contents coverage could cost as little as $12 per month depending on geographic location. It is a totally understood fact that it is invaluable, when needed. […]

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