• Wildfire Hazard Areas

    Homeowners Insurance in Wildfire Areas

    In many of the Western States, residential developments exists in close proximity to wildfire areas! Seeking a peaceful community away from the stress and busy urban communities is a treat but there is risk involved! It has recently been noted that has been an increase in consumers complaining to the news media and the Department […]

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  • Earthquake Fault

    The Big One – California Earthquake ShakeOut

    Take Advantage of the Oct. 15 ShakeOut to Protect Your Home in the Event of The Big One Thursday, Oct. 15 is The Great California ShakeOut, so be sure to use this opportunity to inquire about your earthquake insurance needs. Each year there are more than 10,000 earthquakes in California Thursday (Oct. 15) at 10:15 […]

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  • Renters Insurance Burglary

    What Does Renters Insurance Cost?

    Statistics show that Rental Insurance Policies cost an average annual premium of $143 in the United States in 2011.   The cost of renters insurance will be different for each and every customer; there are many factors that play into calculating the rate. Major Factors On Cost of Renters Insurance Amount of Coverage Requested Available Options […]

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  • Renters Insurance Deductible

    Does Renters Insurance Have A Deductible?

    Renters Insurance is the most understated and least utilized insurance coverage available in the marketplace. Most consumers don’t even know that it is the most affordable insurance coverage available. For Renters on a tight budget, it would be hard to understand why the savings an approximate $10 monthly premium could cause such turmoil; clearly, the […]

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  • Damaged Foundation Insurance

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repairs?

    Most of us are not contractors, builders or structural engineers; neither do we walk around the home’s interior and exterior pondering about settling, earth movement and other factors that may impact the structural integrity of our homes. Like many, you may feel the unfortunate pinch of battling with difficult to open windows, a curiously stiff […]

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  • Insurance With Bad Credit

    How to Buy Renters Insurance with Bad Credit

    Think Positive! Worries won’t help and rest assured, things aren’t so bad! If your credit has some less than desirable blemishes, renters insurance won’t damage your wallet. It is best to request a recent copy of your credit report and try to understand what has most impacted your credit score. You may expect to receive […]

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  • Title Insurance

    Buying a Home! What is Title Insurance?

    Real Estate Introduction Perhaps your most valuable asset; a sure form of savings, perhaps a tax shelter or tax deduction but certainly protected by many laws. The ownership of real estate is a big part of the American Dream of financial independence and freedom. Claims against a property may be made by mortgage companies (banks), […]

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  • Home and Property Insurance – What’s the Hype?

    For Renters or Homeowners, residing in a single story house or multi story condominium building, your home and personal belongings are most likely your biggest investments. The assurance of protecting your home and contents with the best available insurance options through HDA Insurance may be your best choice yet. Affordable home insurance package options include […]

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  • Vacant Home Insurance - For Sale

    Vacant Home Insurance – Is Your Vacant Home Covered?

    Homes may be vacant for a variety of reasons. The home may be For Sale or perhaps undergoing remodeling;  perhaps the owner has moved out and is awaiting a better economic client to sell the home! Homeowners Insurance Policies have an Occupancy Clause which may terminate coverage after a short period of occupancy change; a […]

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  • Excellent Credit Score

    Home Buyers – How Credit Score Affects Mortgage & Insurance

    As we reach the peak of our lives amidst the excitement of buying our first home, it has been noted that 76 percent of Americans have no idea how to obtain their credit report and analyze their credit history; further, most potential home buyers are unsure of how to go about correcting any errors or […]

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