• Business Insurance

    Small Business Insurance – Business Owners Policy

    HDA Insurance makes insuring your small business insurance needs  SIMPLE and EASY. Our Business Owner’s Package (BOP) insurance provides coverage for buildings and contents, business interruption coverage, and general liability protection. It’s designed for small to medium-sized businesses from a single proprietor up to 50 employees, for established businesses as well as new ventures. Lightning-fast Quotes […]

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  • Home Insurance Premium

    Home Insurance Premium Adjustment

    Pricing Factors used by Actuaries to produce rates Homeowners insurance rates are not individual in nature but based on a large segment of similar risk; since Insurance is defined as ‘Shared Risk’, all property owners place premium in the system which is guarded by a regulated and audited insurance carrier to be paid out when […]

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  • Rental Home Insurance

    Landlord Protection for Rental Homes

    Landlord Protection Insurance designed for the coverage needs of residential landlords (1 – 4 Units) Loss of Rent offers coverage for your loss of rental income caused by covered perils. Limited Liability Corporations (LLC), Limited Partnerships (LP) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) can be added as a Named Insured on Landlords Policies. Optional Water Backup […]

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  • Fire Hazard

    Why DIC – Difference in Conditions?

    Why on earth would a homeowner want to buy 2 insurance policies instead of a Homeowners Insurance Policy? In areas where there is a high risk of brush fires, preferred insurance companies will not accept the issuance of home insurance policies.   Since fire and smoke are generally the great concern in such areas, the homeowner […]

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  • Personal Umbrella

    Personal Umbrella Policy – PUP

    With an increasing need for Excess Liability Coverage,  the demand for Personal Umbrella Policies is great!  Attorneys all over the nation are recommending households to carry as much as $5 Million in excess liability to protect their assets. In the catastrophic case of an at fault automobile accident which involves death or severe injury, the […]

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  • Home Insurance Savings

    Best Home Insurance Discounts

    What discounts are available for homeowners insurance? Most home insurance carriers offer discounts to save you money, you should ask about the discounts to make sure you’ll get all the great homeowners insurance credits you qualify for. It’s essential to be properly covered but also it is best to get the most affordable insurance with […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    Do You Need Earthquake Insurance?

    You’ve worked so hard to build equity in your home… Your home is possibly your most valuable asset, very possibly the asset that your retirement may be relying on;  your home is also located in one of the most earthquake prone areas of the country.  Mortgage companies require you to insure against Fire, Lightning & […]

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  • Earthquake Drought

    California Earthquake Drought

    It has now been almost five years since California experienced the last earthquake of magnitude 6 or greater.  The prior large event occurred in Napa, California.  Experts all agree that this period of calm will end, usually with destructive results.  The timing is unknown… Earthquakes must happen! Earthquakes are necessary to relieve the immense tectonic […]

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  • Earthquake Insurance

    Why not Earthquake Insurance? 25 Years after a major CA quake!

    25 years after the Northridge earthquake, why most homeowners aren’t interested in earthquake insurance The devastating Northridge earthquake, 6.7 magnitude temblor, struck in the very early morning killing 60 people. Recently, Bay Area residents were awakened by the jarring of a 4.4 quake on the Hayward Fault near UC Berkley. During the past week, there […]

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  • Ring Of Fire

    Catastrophic Earthquake – Ring of Fire

    How to Prepare for the next Earthquake… As our thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of the Philippines, this is yet another reminder that catastrophes do not come with warning.   Each catastrophic event serves as another reminder of the importance of being prepared for the next earthquake with the hopes that it isn’t […]

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