Blanket Additional Insured Clause – Included – Business Insurance

Blanket Additional Insured

In order to provide clients yet another unique and time conserving innovation, Stillwater Insurance Group has presented the best included option yet for Small Businesses who need Additional Insured endorsements.  

  • Immediately effective when an entity enters a written agreement with an insured within term of policy and provides instant coverage, even if an Additional Insured is not listed.
  • No additional premium – this endorsement comes attached to every Stillwater Insurance BOP policy. The endorsement indicates the number of days for cancellation notices so the Additional Insureds know exactly what to expect.
  • One versatile blanket form for any type of Additional Insured.  Includes a wide array of specific parties to protect, which further reduces coverage questions. Also includes built-in “insurance subrogation waiver” via Primary and Non-contributory language.


Many times, business owners need to prove to vendors that they are insured; without the #BlanketAdditionalInsured endorsement, the Insured would need to request an endorsement to be issued each time a new vendor agreement is entered into and also each year the policy is in force; this is very time constraining. Most insurance providers charge a processing fee if not an additional premium for each request. The Blanket Additional Insured endorsement is simply attached to every policy and clearly states the terms of the endorsement.

While this endorsement is so valuable, it comes with no charge and attached to all our Stillwater Business Owners Package Policies;  while we are unable to accept ALL classes of business, we underwrite the program currently in 26 states and have been able to accept 8 out of 10 of all small business applications.

If your business qualifies for a #BusinessOwnersPackage policy, it is the most inexpensive and comprehensive way to purchase business insurance. The package is designed to include General Liability, Real Property and Business Personal Property as required by the client.

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