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Boats are not all equal and require different kinds of insurance coverage. Boat Insurance must be tailored to fit the owner's needs. 

Whether a Fishing Boat, a Power Boat, a Ski Boat, a Sail Boat or a Pleasure Boat, we’ll help you get the Best Boat Insurance. 

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Boat Insurance

Whether about to buy a boat for the first time or if you currently own a boat, it is essential to know the key facts about Boat Insurance. Boat Insurance and Yacht Insurance both are comprised of 2 principal forms of coverage:  Physical Damage Protection and Liability Coverage.

Boat Insurance may help cover a motorboat, sailboat or personal watercraft it it is stolen, in an accident, or damaged by a covered peril like fire, lightning or wind damage.  Boat Insurance will also help protect you if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property with your boat.

Since you love your time on the water and you work so hard to be able to do what you do, you deserve all the possible discounts to get the best boat insurance possible. We have many discounts available including a Safety Course discount, a Safety Features discount, a Boat Insurance payment discount & a multiple vessel discount.

Coverage Details

Boat Insurance is a contract between the boat owner and insurance carrier that provides protection from financial loss in the event of a boating accident or covered natural disaster causing damage to the insured boat. 

Boaters enjoy the vast waterways of the United States; whether pleasure boating, sport fishing or cruising the Oceans, a custom tailored policy is needed to fit your requirements.

affordable boat insurance

Types of Hazard Insurance

  • Buying a Boat can be fun for everyone but never delay shopping for affordable boat insurance
  • It only takes one incident to realize your need for the best boat insurance.  If you paid cash for your boat and only use it a few times a year, you may feel you don’t need insurance but the risk is there each time you use the boat.
  • If you just bought a boat, you should insure your boat for the purchase price plus any extras you may have added. Insurance companies expect to insure the vessel for your purchase price.
  • You may qualify for boat insurance discounts after successfully completing a boating safety class. 

With the basic knowledge of how boat insurance works, your boat can set sail with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve carefully selected the coverage you need.  


Policy Service

Customer Service is available via direct insurance company portals and tele-servicing centers for our clients and their mortgage companies. Claims Reporting Service is available 24/7 directly online, via mobile apps and personalized telephone service. More details available on our Policy Service tab.


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Here are the most common questions

Chances are, you'll find the answer in our FAQs. We have listed some of the more common questions asked by Boat Owners.

We’re here to answer any and all your questions.  For more specific questions, you may complete our Contact Us form and one of our representatives will be happy to personally research the topic and respond at your convenience.

Boats are motor vehicles operated on the water; there is a chance of an accident each time you take your boat out for a ride. Boat insurance provides coverage for the unexpected by way of Liability & Physical Damage.

  • Salvage Coverage
  • Pollution Liability Insurance
  • Tow Trailer Coverage
  • Agreed Value Insurance
  • Personal Effects Coverage
  • Fishing Equipment Coverage

A boat should be insured for the amount it would cost to replace it in the event of a total loss. If the boat was financed, the lender will usually require the coverage limit of physical damage to equal or exceed the balance of the loan; this may not necessarily be enough to replace the boat.    

Boat insurance rates vary depending on several factors such as:

  • Credit Score (in most states)
  • Claims/Accident History
  • Value of Boat
  • Location