• Hazard Insurance - HOA

    Understanding Hazard Insurance Requirements

    Your homeowners’ association Master Policy may not provide comprehensive coverage for your dwelling? Unit owners enjoy the benefits of  community living with a homeowners’ association governing community issues including insurance, most unit owners don’t understand the details of insuring their property against fire, water damage, and other hazards. A common misunderstanding is that the coverage provided by […]

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  • Federal Reserve System

    Are Interest Rate Hikes In Near Future?

    There is no indication that the Federal Reserve will raise the central bank’s rock-bottom interest rates despite the fact that there have been some recent positive economic indicators. Consumer spending has always been a major percentage of the overall GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the U.S.A.; after the recession in 2008, consumer spending was at […]

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  • Escrow Impound Account

    Escrow – Impound Account and Home Insurance Updates

    An Escrow or Impound account  serves as a bank account associated but separate from your mortgage loan account. Money is deposited each month thus building up a savings balance until an invoice is presented for home insurance and/or property taxes. Most mortgage companies pay bills that are presented approximately 2 weeks ahead of the due […]

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  • Impound Account

    Impound Account – Escrow Accounts

    During the most trying financial times, it is difficult for homeowners to receive letters from their mortgagee scheduling a mortgage payment increase due to interest rate hikes on a variable mortgage account. Another upsetting scenario may be a notice advising that due to the increase of property tax rates and/or hazard insurance premium, there will […]

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  • Understanding Home Insurance

    Would You? Should You? Could You? – Homeowners Insurance

    We are often asked what the price is for Home Insurance.  A more helpful question may be “For the requested coverage, what will the premium be?” Could you imagine buying 5 lbs of apples or 10 lbs of potatoes and not reviewing the product before checking out from your local Supermarket? Apples could be insect […]

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  • Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance – Why Worry? Be Safe? – Affordable Travel Insurance

    Protecting your vacation and money spent is the first objective of travel insurance. In addition to protecting you from trip cancellation and medical emergencies, we also look after your personal belongings. Our travel insurance offers reimbursement for lost, damaged or stolen luggage and belongings. In addition, our administration center offers assistance in replacing lost prescriptions, […]

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  • Palomar Specialty

    High Value Residential Earthquake Insurance Program

    HDA Insurance is pleased to announce that we have added a new admitted carrier to our Residential Earthquake platform. Palomar Specialty Insurance Company, an “A-” rated carrier by A.M. Best Company, will serve the high value home segment. Our current programs provide limits up to $5 million coverage A in all California counties except Los […]

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  • Home Insurance

    What Makes Home Insurance Expensive? (Or Cheap?)

    Imagine, you are all set to sign a purchase contract for your new home and the next thing that you have in mind is the selection of a homeowners insurance policy; also known as HOI, Home Insurance or Hazard Insurance. This insurance is essential to cover the home from a standard list of perils. The […]

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  • HDA Insurance Dynamics

    8 Dynamics Influencing Homeowners Insurance Premium

    Are you buying a new house? Are you buying an older house? Are you searching for new insurance? Do you know what affects your homeowners insurance? Besides the value of the house, the cost of homeowners insurance is dependent upon a number of factors. It is essential to understand these factors to gain maximum benefits […]

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  • Safeco Insurance Company

    Agency Is Presented Safeco Key Agent Status

     Safeco Insurance® honors HDA Insurance Brokerage with the Safeco® Key Agent Program   HDA Insurance Brokerage has been selected for membership in the Safeco Key Agent Program, which recognizes performance and partnership.   Fewer than 10% of independent insurance agencies that write Safeco personal lines products receive this honor, and we are pleased to be […]

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