• Texas Home Insurance Online

    Texas Homeowners Insurance – Texas Hazard Insurance

    State of Texas – Insurance Texas is the largest State in the lower 48 contiguous States and the second largest State in the Union when including Alaska. Texas has the largest population of all States in the U.S., spread amongst many large towns including: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and El Paso;  each […]

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  • Emergency Preparedness Kit

    Emergency Preparedness Kit – Supplies

    Emergency Preparedness Kit and Necessary Supplies Emergency supplies will be absolutely necessary after an earthquake, flood, fire or any other emergency.  Your stock of supplies should include a simple first aid kit, survival kits for the house, car, and workplace.  You should also have emergency water and food to last at least 5 days. First […]

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  • Rental Property Insurance

    A Little Attention Can Make A Huge Difference!

    A Few Great Tips For Our Landlord Insurance Clients: As your insurance intermediary, we are committed to help protect you and your property from the risk that matters most.  It is imperative for you, as well, to be proactive and attentive as a landlord and keep an eye open to protect your big investment and […]

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  • Stillwater Insurance

    Montana Property Insurance Rate Revision

    News and Updates Montana Dwelling Revision     September 2014 Montana Homeowners Insurance, Dwelling Fire Insurance, Townhome/Condo Insurance & Renters Insurance  – Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, Helena, Kalispell, Anaconda, Havre and outer lying areas The Loss Cost Multipliers have been revised. The overall impact is estimated as creating lower premium rates. Specified Additional […]

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  • Earthquake Fault

    Do You Wonder About the Importance of Earthquake Insurance?

    Residents of Northern California recently experienced the strongest earthquake since the 1989 Loma Prieta 6.9 magnitude earthquake which shook the area 9 miles Northeast of Santa Cruz.  Many California residents will likely see and hear about the Napa catastrophe in the media in the coming days. The recent 6.0 earthquake is a reminder to all […]

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  • Sprinkler Discount

    Save Your Home With A Sprinkler Discount

    Savings are sprinkling for your Homeowners Insurance, sprinkler discounts are the new thing since 2011 in California and many other States. Building codes are requiring residential sprinklers to be installed in most homes built in 2011 and later. Any home built in or after 2011 automatically qualifies for the Sprinkler Discount. Homes will always be […]

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  • MKTechsoft Brings Giant Leaps Of Success To Real Estate And Mortgage Industry

    We offer a variety of Real Estate and Mortgage SEO packages, as well as a one-time audit and tune-up, and numerous levels of monthly service packages.     So What Are You Waiting For? What is SEO Anyway? If you ask 10 different real estate SEO companies or SEO experts  what SEO means, you’ll most definitely get 10 different variations of […]

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  • Renters Insurance

    Landlords Require Renters Insurance – Becoming The Norm?

    Renters of houses, townhomes, condos and apartments will need to become accustomed to purchasing Renters Insurance. It is becoming increasingly common for there to be disputes involving renters, landlords and other tenants due to the negligence of one or more of the parties involved. In so many cases, landlords have been bearing the costs of […]

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  • Home Insurance

    Where To Buy Discount Home Insurance

    HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE   Do you wonder where homeowners buy their affordable home insurance policies?  Every time you receive a renewal invoice or purchase a new home, you may wonder where your neighbors are buying their insurance! We are referring to Homeowners Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Townhome Owners Insurance and Condo Owners Insurance; these all may be […]

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  • Buying New Home Insurance

    Searching for a home? Ask your insurance company for help! What???

    Your insurance company may perhaps be the last place you’d think of asking for assistance regarding the purchase of a home; however, it may be the richest resource! Insurance companies calculate premium based on risk; risk is calculated by the reconstruction cost of the home and other factors that may cause a premium surcharge such […]

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