• Landlord Insurance

    Landlords – Don’t be Caught by Surprise!

    It is very common to find homeowners who may run into a little luck or some inheritance, buy a new home and begin renting out their prior home; in fact, there are tens of thousands of these cases nationwide. Something that seems very normal may simply cover up the risk involved. FACT:  tenant occupied homes […]

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  • Mortgage Loan Processors

    Greatest Help to New Home Buyers!

    Calling on Successful Loan Processors: Partner mortgage origination teams and clients reap the benefits of the Loan Officer’s consultative approach! Unlock your potential by helping others in your everyday endeavors; the gift of a more helpful approach will guide a smooth transaction and closing with great communication and a process that’s remembered for next time […]

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  • Best Earthquake Insurance

    Best Earthquake Insurance Got Better . . .

    The Best Earthquake Insurance – – – Just Got Better – – – Again!!!           Effective 17 May, 2017, enhancements have been made to the Value Select policies; the changes are all to the benefit of the Insured Client and come at no additional cost. Increased Ordinance or Law Coverage!     Now included […]

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  • Cheapest Home Insurance May Not Be Clever At All!

    Everyone is looking for cheap house insurance quotes — and many will go through great depths in order to find it, whether legal or not. For those you may ponder about lying to an insurance company in order to try to cover an incident or simply buy cheap insurance, misrepresentation may simply leave you without […]

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  • Renters Insurance Online

    70% Renters Uninsured – No Value to Property or Liability?

    According to a recent survey*, 66% of 18- to 29-year-olds rent their homes and nearly 70% of them don’t have renters insurance. Renters are a huge segment of U.S. households and the majority remain uninsured; the protection of personal property and personal liability coverage are very inexpensive! For a FREE No Obligation Renters Insurance Quote, […]

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  • Stillwater Insurance Group

    Home Insurance – On Your Side – Partners For Life

          Stillwater Insurance Group is on your sailing team; we specialize in property and casualty products securing the interests of our clients.  We understand financial security and hear cries for ‘simple, fast & cheap insurance’. We have developed a nationwide client portal to deliver fast insurance quotes with the minimum of input questions, […]

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  • Home Security Cameras

    Security Cameras- Protect Your Home & Family

    Benefits of Security Cameras Security/surveillance cameras let you view the inside and/or the outside of your home anytime and whenever you want. Implementing a video recording system into your home security system allows you to independently store the security or surveillance footage for a given amount of time depending on the size of your Digital […]

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  • Home Alarm

    Home Security System Discount On Homeowners Insurance

    Most Homeowners Insurance carriers offer a monitoring discount for security devices in your home; the discount varies by carrier but generally, a safe estimate is between 10 – 15% of the premium. The FBI recently announced that a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the U.S. and homes with an alarm system are 3 […]

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  • Water Restoration

    Water Damage – Water Restoration

    Benefits and Risks of A Professional Water Restoration Solution Upon recognizing the results of water damage, it is prudent to move quickly to restore your home back to normal. Water damage restoration companies offer total services to restore your home to its former condition. In many cases, there may be hidden damage such as mold […]

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  • Earthquake - Don't Flush $

    Earthquake Scare? Don’t Flush Your Money!!!

    Whether it is the Government, the Media or Private Enterprise, don’t allow consumerism tactics to scare you into spending your hard earned dollars!  Similar to any other decision, the principles of earthquake insurance should be fully understood before handing out earned and taxed currency. Who is the ideal Earthquake Insurance Candidate? A property owner who has […]

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