• CA OR WA Earthquake Insurance

    Why The Recent Spike In Demand For Earthquake Insurance Policies?

    When we think of Earthquakes, we commonly think of California Seismic Activity; it is estimated that only 17% of California Homeowners are insured against the peril of Earthquake.  Most recently, there has been an increased demand for Earthquake Insurance; the requests are more heavily concentrated in Southern California, although there has been a slight increase […]

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  • Swimming Pool Insurance

    Does Swimming Pool Raise Homeowners insurance Premium?

    In homes in areas which enjoy an appropriate climate, a swimming pool and attractive resort style back yard have many positive aspects. There is no question that a swimming pool will favorably increase the market value of the home; for climates where outdoor living is the norm for many months, a resort style garden may […]

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  • Apartment Renters Insurance

    How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost For An Apartment?

    Since 2007, there has been a huge and steady increase in Renters versus Homeowners. Unfortunately, many people have lost or been forced to sell their home after the downturn of the real estate market; these people are renting apartments, condo, townhomes and houses. In each case, Renters Insurance is necessary to protect their personal belongings […]

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  • Home Insurance Shed

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Shed?

    Although most insurance policies are very similar and the main homeowners contract form is usually written by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), all insurance companies have different endorsements and available options which cause insurance policies to be different. Garden sheds, gazebos and detached garages are covered by Coverage B – Other Structures on your homeowners […]

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  • Household Workers Compensation

    Is Workers Compensation Coverage Included On Homeowners Insurance?

    If a household worker or contractor is injured, you may be liable! If you ever hire a nanny, babysitter, housecleaner, gardener, or a handyman, you may be liable if they are injured. States have different rules and regulations as it pertains to Workers Compensation Coverage on Homeowners Insurance Policies.   For example, in the State of […]

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  • Renters Insurance Property Damage

    Does Renters Insurance Cover Property Damage?

    We all need Financial Protection; whether we own a home, a condo, or rent an apartment! When tragedy strikes, it is great to know that your insurance company has your back! Renters Insurance offers protection for you and your belongings when struck by a covered peril; for instance, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Water Damage etc… (review […]

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  • Home Insurance Premium

    Why You Should Multiply Your Homeowners Insurance Premium By 10!

    Insurance companies are in the business of assessing risk by relating it to the probability of numbers. Risk is studied by actuaries who prepare actuarial tables on behalf of insurance carriers; based on the probability of the occurrence claims, insurance companies are able to place a price on the homeowners insurance contract known as the […]

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  • Title Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance

    What Does Title Insurance On A Home Cover?

    Title Insurance has historic precedence dated back to the 1800s; the purpose of Title Insurance is to assure marketable free title of property. In the early years, the title insurance policy was designed to protect lawyers from errors during their legal preparation of property documents should they fail to uncover any pending debt instruments filed […]

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  • Renters Car Theft Insurance

    Does Renters Insurance Cover Car Theft?

    Renters insurance is most thought of in regards to a tenant’s personal property; however, there are many other areas of coverage which must be understood. Renters insurance policies include coverage for personal belongings at home and a percentage of the same limit is covered away from home.   Personal belongings away from home may include coverage […]

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  • Garage Door Insurance

    Is Garage Door Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

    It may seem logical that your Garage Door is automatically covered by your homeowners insurance policy.   It is necessary to understand that Homeowners Insurance offers protection against a list of perils;  your home and garage door are covered against the perils of Fire, Lightning, Wind, Hail and many other perils that may be listed in […]

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