• Auto Insurance

    Save Money On Auto Insurance: 3 Tips To Follow

    Buying a car can be fun for everyone but if you are planning to shop for auto insurance then it can get pretty boring. Before diving deep into all this, one should make their mind, whether to opt for minimum auto insurance to be budget friendly or search for an exclusive insurance that offers bumper […]

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  • Home Insurance

    Homeowners Insurance – How to Leverage Discounts

    Who doesn’t want to save money? Insurance can be expensive and if we talk about home insurance, it’s a lot more costly than expected by most individuals. For the safety and security of a resident, homeowners insurance also known as home insurance are considered the most significant factors. There are definitely some guaranteed ways with […]

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  • Brush Fire

    The California Drought Causes CalFire to Increase Seasonal Staff Early

    The wildfire threat has prompted CalFire to increase its seasonal staff much earlier than normal due to the heightened awareness of the state’s drought. Several hundred seasonal firefighters have been alerted that they will begin their posts earlier than usual to help staff fire stations all over California.  There has been an unusual call for […]

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  • Earthquake Fault

    Unsafe buildings discovered following California Earthquake

    Another earthquake rattled a large portion of California forcing dozens of people to evacuate their homes; inspectors found foundation problems in many homes and buildings. A 20 unit apartment building was red tagged in Fullerton, a city in Orange County, after authorities discovered a major foundation crack. Other structural issues were found in more than […]

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  • Simple Home Insurance

    Home Insurance Online has become a whole lot simpler. (Technology)

    Up to now, all phases of the insurance underwriting cycle for homes has been hampered by a deficit of insight available to carriers. We have now created a Self Service Quote & Issue platform for real estate professionals and consumers alike utilizing the most recent advances in technology. By combining innovative location, structure, environment and […]

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  • Flood Insurance

    Flood Map Changes Made Simple for Customers

    Now revised and better than ever: Automatic Conversion to Preferred Risk Policy after Map Change Sends Refunds to customers Important flood zone map changes are coming in your area and HDA Insurance helps customers address the effects map changes might have on existing policies. HDA Insurance’s unique Automatic Conversion to Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) after […]

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  • Home surrounded in flood

    Home Insurance and Flood Insurance: What’s the Difference?

    When a homeowner discovers water in his home, the first thought that may come to mind is, “Will my insurance cover this?” That depends on a couple of things. How did the water enter your house? And what insurance policy or policies do you currently have? There are two types of insurance policies that cover […]

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  • Home Insurance Online

    When it is wise to buy Home Insurance Online

    More and more people are getting quotes and buying home insurance online according to a number research groups. HDA Insurance Brokerage, one of the nation’s leaders in technology services online, has reported a drastic percentage decline in telephone calls for home insurance quotes; yet, 5 times that same percentage in increase of online home insurance […]

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  • Home Insurance Online

    National Home Insurance Online

    Your home is your greatest investment. Home Insurance  that protects it must be chosen wisely! National Home Insurance Online can help protect your home with coverage that fits your needs without breaking your budget. HDA Insurance takes responsibility to provide you with exceptional coverage at a low premium. If you will take a little more […]

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