First Impression Should Be The Best Impression

Home Sale First Impression

You wouldn’t set out to your child’s graduation party without looking great, so why would you list your home for sale if it weren’t looking its best?

With the best first impression, your home will bring an appropriately impressive offer as you’d expect!  Don’t make the mistake of many homeowners seeking for a lazy shortcut and a discounted sale.

A few ways to tinker up the home for sale:

  • A fresh paint job can turn your home from ‘the house with the pink tile’ to an acceptable offer.
  • Listing photos must show minimal items and maximum space, clear any clutter.
  • Make sure all the small items are repaired; for instance torn screens, gutters, toilet seats, and any damaged door jams which may be noticeable.

Imagine walking into an impressive room and remembering the beautiful bay window with the damaged door way you walked through,  or imagine seeing a damaged toilet seat a few minutes earlier.   By fixing all the small items, you’ll set a great impression and save a lot of time and hassle of a long listing time.

House For Sale - First Impression
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House For Sale - First Impression
A quick make up for a pleasant listing experience and quick sale!