What is Insurance Coverage for Small Businesses?

Small Business Insurance

Modern coverage for modern small businesses

If the security of sensitive customer data is a concern for your small business, we have the tools and resources you will need to survive and respond effectively to the threat of data breaches and cyber attacks — we are happy to offer you the Stillwater Business Owners Package Cyber Suite Coverage, with two versions to suit the needs of your business:

Cyber Suite

Provides Data Compromise Response Expenses, Computer Attack, Cyber Extortion and Data Compromise Liability.

Cyber Suite Enhanced

Includes all Cyber Suite coverage, plus Computer Fraud, Network Security Liability and Electronic Media Liability. Also includes the new valuable Misdirected Payment Fraud coverage, designed to deal with damages resulting from increasingly common phishing emails that frequently target small businesses.

With only a few questions, we can provide the Quote in 4 minutes, 95% of our applicants are instantly approved without the intervention of an underwriter. Stillwater makes taking care of business simple.

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