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Not Just A Home – a Very Special Place!

The Garden State hosts the Jersey Shore’s world class beaches.  South Jersey farms’ nationally renowned produce, and beautiful urban, suburban, and rural homes throughout the state. Whether you call it Homeowners Insurance, House Insurance, Home Insurance, Fire Insurance, Landlords Insurance or Hazard Insurance,  we’ve got you covered all the same!

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost in New Jersey?

Homeowners Insurance in the Garden State will pay very similar rates to the average rates around the country;  this area is not rated as a High Risk area. Home insurance costs are typically calculated using the year built, living square footage, type of construction and total reconstruction cost based on location. New Jersey does bring a mild threat of damage during hurricane season but that generally seems to only be closer to the shoreline.  Most of the year, the Jersey Shore brings great living, good quality of life and fun vacation spots. With a customized quotation, we can create a policy that fulfills all your required coverage options.

New Jersey Home Insurance Quote

Homeowners Insurance is available to residents of New Jersey, we understand that your insurance needs are as diverse as the homes in Newark, Jersey city, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Toms River, Clifton, Trenton and all surrounding areas. We’ll provide the coverage you require and wish to buy.

What type of coverage is available in New Jersey?

Single Family homes are offered Homeowners Insurance Policies, Condo Unit Owners are offered a Condo Unit Walls-In Policy, Rental Homes are offered Landlords Policies which are also called Dwelling Fire or Hazard Insurance Policies.

New Jersey Residential Coverage is available for 1 – 4 Unit Dwellings under our Personal Lines programs.


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