On Vacation Without Shutting Off Interior Water Main???

Have You Ever Left Home for a long Weekend or a Vacation with the family leaving the interior water main pressurized?

Faucet Left RunningKitchen FloodedFamily On Vacation

Water Damage:

One of the greatest challenges facing the insurance industry today is the assessment of water damage to residential homes. The causes range from the aging of water lines, failure to regularly replace supply lines, failure to replace hot water heaters, poor maintenance of faucets to keeping a close eye on the water line to the refrigerator water & ice dispenser unit.

It is clear that we cannot expect every homeowner to be very technical and mechanically inclined; however, we try our best to educate the public about the simple systems which homeowners depend on each day.  One in a blue moon, an accident occurs and that’s what insurance is meant for; however, if insurance is expected to take over poorly maintained homes, the industry clearly has a problem.

For example, a water heater has a life of 6 – 10 years; if a homeowner knowingly keeps a water heater in service simply because it isn’t leaking, a water damage claim is imminent (you are on borrowed time)! Water damage can be devastating to the structure of the home and the lives of those living in it;  in this day & age,  we are all busy and expect things not to go wrong which are ever so inconvenient.


  1. Have a Plumber check the condition of your Hot & Cold Water Pipes and your Hot Water Heater
  2. Have Plumber access the drain and run a video inspection test of your sewage/drain lines
  3. Every 5 years, it is recommended that all supply lines are replaced throughout the home, these are inexpensive short flex lines that run from the angle stops to each sink, toilet, dishwasher & washing machine.  Many times, old supply lines are the source of water damage.
  4. Shut off the Interior Water Valve to your home when away overnight; this would take no more than 10 seconds and will prevent you from returning to a home that has been flooded due to a plumbing failure in your absence.


Accidents do happen,  if a pipe bursts or if an appliance fails, hopefully, you’ll be home to see the issue and immediately shut off the water at the source but in case you’re not around, most homeowners insurance policies will afford coverage in such instances. Primarily, it is important to know that if the above ‘Prevention’ steps have been taken, there would be little argument to lead any prudent person to believe that the home was not well maintained or the damage was caused by the negligence of the owner.

If you take care of your home,  your home will give you many years of comfort and for the most part, hassle-free living!