HTH Worldwide introduces a new program TravelGap China®!

Insurance benefits and medical assistance services designed for travelers to China and the Beijing Olympics!

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HTH’s TravelGap® China program is designed for millions of Americans who visit China every year on business andleisure, including the hundreds of thousands who are expected at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. TravelGap® China is a guaranteed issue and includes: 

·          $1 million of medical benefits and a $0 deductible

·          $500,000 separate medical evacuation limit

·          Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

·          Pandemic assistance services and much more

 Preferred access without the hassles Demand for healthcare services during the Olympics is expected to be overwhelming. Planning for thiscapacity crunch, HTH Worldwide has pre-arranged access to leading English-speaking Beijing doctorsduring the Olympic Games. Members can call HTH 24 hours a day to arrange an appointment, and theywill be treated without incurring any out-of-pocket expense.                                                      

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