Secondary Homes – Vacation Homes – California Program Update

Secondary Home Insurance!!!  Now Permitted on a Standalone Basis!

Secondary Home Insurance







Until now, Insurance Companies would require a homeowner to insure the primary home with said carrier before considering accepting the risk of a secondary home.   It is true that a secondary home presents greater risk and it would be prudent for an insurance carrier to, at least, insure the primary home presumably with a lesser risk factor.

The following are a few of the factors behind the thought process of current underwriting guidelines:

  • Home is not occupied daily
  • Losses would not be immediately noticed thus creating greater loss
  • Vacant home could be attractive to squatters
  • House could attract malicious mischief

Stillwater Insurance Group is now permitting Standalone Secondary homes insured in compliance with current underwriting guidelines of the company.    Both a homeowners or condo insurance form may be written when the home or condo is occupied by the named insured.    The program is designed to service homeowners who vacation or regularly visit their secondary homes.

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It is always advisable to shut off water service to dwellings that are not occupied on a daily basis; this would prevent an accidental pipe breakage, leak, frozen pipe condition and any other possible cause of loss which would get worse when unnoticed and unattended.  A plumbing professional should be consulted with knowledge of the local area where the home is located;  the method of closing and opening valves may cause issues which may require caution to avert damaging connected systems and appliances.