How To Protect Your Home During The Selling Process

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With the numerous things to think about when buying and selling a house, details seem to pile up quicker than you’d like and overwhelming you. A great idea would be to plan ahead for any contingency; things will go much smoother and the chances are you’ll have less sleepless nights.

One of the most common concerns that sellers have is how to keep their home secure during the sales process. Many times, homeowners end up acquiring their new home before the current home sells; this leaves them wondering how to keep their belongings safe during open houses and showings.

The following are a few pointers which may help.

Secure your valuables

It is never healthy to think that thieves will be freely walking through your home, but it’s a great idea not to leave your valuables out while your house is for sale. This is a great way to protect your belongings and it also saves you from mistakenly accusing the wrong individual if a piece of jewelry goes missing.   For example, jewelry can be locked in a hidden security safe or perhaps taken to the bank for safekeeping.

Secure your home from liability

Many homeowners don’t think about the endless possibilities; elderly people with mobility issues or a young family with small children may come to see your home.  It is always a great idea to go through the house and check for safety issues.  The major one would be slip and fall hazards, such as loose carpets or areas that aren’t well lit. Sharp objects such as cutlery may be another hazard to think about if children are roaming through the house when you’re not home.

It’s also important to plan for the safety of your realtor. Perhaps letting a neighbor know that there will be an open house so that they can keep an eye out.  It would also be a good idea to make sure that lights are left on in case of an evening showing, you never know if the realtor and/or clients may be delayed. If the home has an alarm system that allows a temporary code, you may want to assign one for the realtor to use so you can track the entry and exit of the showing.  Although it goes without saying, it is important to ask the realtor to make sure that all windows and doors remain locked as soon as the showing is complete.

Install Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are a very nice enhancement both to the security features of a home and also to the value of the home; they will allow you to record and watch, if necessary, any occurrences viewable by the cameras. This will give you peace of mind as well as perhaps keep people honest due to the presence of the cameras.

Most real estate agents are well trained and know how to do their job safely and keep your home secure. It is a good idea to hire a realtor who you know, like and trust; this will put you at ease through the sales process.