FREE Homeowners Insurance – No Kidding!

Free Homeowners Insurance RenewalThrough the past 25 years, clients have repetitively asked if HDA Insurance has a referral program as an incentive to clients wishing to refer family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances.    HDA Insurance is a preferred processor of property insurance and does not charge any fees; many brokerage houses will write a new policy charging a fee in addition to the insurance premium.

Since HDA Insurance doesn’t charge any fees and cannot adjust premium approved by each State’s Department of Insurance,  the management has devised a great plan which is helpful to everyone.  We appreciate new clients as they are one of our great sources of future clientele thereby expanding our geographic reach.   We are already very happy with our very large number of referrals but until now have not been able to give back to those who have consistently referred clients.  This may come in particularly handy for our Real Estate affiliates who have been most helpful in referring new homeowners.

Management has agreed to pay the renewal of any policy up to a limit of $1,000 per year in return for 10 new customers who have fully paid their premium.  The person referring business must be insured through HDA Insurance, refer 10 new customers, and be offered automatic renewal via the underwriting carrier;  upon sending a request to HDA Insurance with a list of the 10 referred clients during the policy term, HDA Insurance will pay the renewal premium up to a limit of $1,000.

The more FREE Home Insurance Renewals we pay, the happier we are!   Our rates are spectacular in most areas; however, all usual underwriting rules will apply.   Start to earn your FREE Homeowners Insurance Policy today!    Thank you to all our affiliates and great clients!