California Earthquake Warning System Approved

Earthquake Warning SystemFunding has been received to help implement the California Earthquake Warning System; the system has not been designed to prevent earthquakes but rather to provide enough time following the warning for utilities to shut off gas lines, elevators to come to a safety position, trains to brake and people to hide in a safe place until the earthquake is over.

Finances have been in the way of producing the public alert system; Congress has now approved a bill thereby funding $5 Million to the project.

Japan and Mexico lead California in developing the alert system which will provide several seconds of warning after a fault rupture.

There have been several moderate earthquakes in 2014 in California which have all produced detectable early warnings.

Although the system cannot protect property, we are hopeful that we can prevent injuries and help save lives.   The only recovery from earthquake damage would be to rely on an Earthquake Insurance Policy or Emergency Loans to help repair and/or reconstruct damage caused by earthquakes.

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