Water Damage – Water Restoration

Water RestorationBenefits and Risks of A Professional Water Restoration Solution

Upon recognizing the results of water damage, it is prudent to move quickly to restore your home back to normal. Water damage restoration companies offer total services to restore your home to its former condition. In many cases, there may be hidden damage such as mold which may not be detected thereby elevating the urgency of properly mitigated the risk. Some homeowners may choose to repair the issue, dry up the mess and hope that when it dries out everything will be fine. Although in some instances, this may work, it may also lead to a worse condition than the original water damage itself.

The risk of inviting a water restoration professional is also a very serious one; the risk lies within the honesty or dishonesty of the ‘professional’. Since the cleanup from water damage is always an urgent matter, the sense of urgency may be taken advantage of by a so called professional thereby using scare tactics and showing up with a contract to be signed. It is common knowledge that the fine print will hold the homeowner responsible for the payment of services if the insurance carrier doesn’t pay a part of all of the invoice; however, the dishonest professional will always tell the homeowner not to worry since the insurance company will pay.

The above risk is a very real scenario that plays out daily; it turns the water damage claim from an inconvenience into a nightmare leading the homeowner to pay the invoice for the contract which he/she authorized or face having a mechanic’s lien placed on the home. It is very common to find a $2,000 cleanup necessity turn into a $20,000 contract/invoice by a dishonest water restoration contractor.

Hiring A Water Restoration Company

It is important to make sure that the clean-up, repair and restoration begins and is completed as soon as possible following the damage. Since time is of the essence, it is essential to assess whether an insurance claim will be filed or whether the homeowner will be taking care of the repairs without involving the insurance company.

If an insurance claim will be filed, it is important to get the insurance company involved from the very beginning and not authorize any repairs that the insurance company doesn’t authorize. Once authorized by the insurance company, the best thing to do is to hire an honest professional water damage restoration contractor to assess the damage and begin the cleanup.

Hiring a contractor may be the best way to go in order to expeditiously carry out the cleanup process and repairs; they will have all the necessary equipment and the trained staff to complete the task.

In this day and age with quick access to online reviews, it is very important to read reviews and get a good feeling about a contractor before beginning the process; in many cases, this could be handled in just a few minutes with internet access.