Gather Your Team Together

Gather Your TeamMortgage Loan Processing is complicated! When you have a determined team entangled together nicely, everyone wins!   The essential chapters are Realtor, Mortgage Company, Escrow/Title Officer & Insurance Company.

Let’s get together and streamline our operation; work it all as an institutional machine causing less headache to the customer and minimizing the wait time to avoid the often experienced and senseless last minute rush.

When all is done in advance, the Mortgage File is ready to close when approved.  Gather your team and plan it all up front, this isn’t an everyday occurrence for the buyer/customer so it wouldn’t be prudent to expect the customer to go running around shopping for insurance or other services not knowing what to ask for.

When handled on an institutional basis,  clients aren’t faced with salespeople but rather simply handed the information to be reviewed.   The mortgage company wins when all the insurance underwriting review and reports are pulled upon quoting the file rather than being faced with an underwriting block upon request to issue the policy.  Let’s help our clients and build a smooth industry.

As a Value Added Service, the mortgage professional may be facing DTI issues, overall credit worthiness issues or simply helping the client by having an insurance option ready in file without the necessity to speak to a salesperson.  If nothing else, the client may see the effort to save some money which may end up with a future referral to the mortgage company.

We all appreciate a good team to take care of all the details!

Insurance Service for Mortgage Companies
Service Type
Insurance Service for Mortgage Companies
Provider Name
Stillwater Insurance Group, Telephone No.877-931-3368
Residential Insurance Quotes & Policy Issuance Service offered as an Institutional Service for Mortgage Companies