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Home insurance in USA is as simple as an everyday task; we offer an affordable and easy process to obtain a free quote and buy your insurance policy online. Simply get a quote, review your coverage and complete the simple process. Insurance policies are standardized; this makes it easy for even a novice to compare the limits of coverage from the current Policy Declarations Page with the quote options before paying the premium.

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Whether you live in California, Arizona, Texas, New York, Florida or any other state, whether living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Mesa, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami or any other city, insuring your home is simple and affordable. Our automated quote engine asks only the most necessary questions and offers an instant insurance quote!
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HDA Homeowners Insurance will protect you and your family and offer peace of mind knowing that your home is protected in the event of an sudden and accidental loss. HDA Homeowners Insurance will provide for your recovery from financial loss due to a covered peril causing damage to your home or personal belongings. As a National Home Insurance Company, Stillwater Insurance Group provides you with quality coverage at a discounted premium.

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Types of Hazard Insurance Available

There are a number of different types of home policies available depending on the occupancy of the dwelling:

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We offer a variety of discounts on all our different forms which vary from State to State; some of our discounts are as follows:

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