Landlord Protection for Rental Homes

Rental Home Insurance

Landlord Protection Insurance designed for the coverage needs of residential landlords (1 – 4 Units)

Loss of Rent offers coverage for your loss of rental income caused by covered perils.

Limited Liability Corporations (LLC), Limited Partnerships (LP) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) can be added as a Named Insured on Landlords Policies.

Optional Water Backup endorsement covers losses caused by water that backs up through, or overflows from, a sewer, drain, sump or sump pump.

Optional extended dwelling coverage can provide up to an additional 50% beyond the original Dwelling Coverage Limit if repairs or replacements cost is more than expected.

Optional premises liability coverage includes Personal Injury covering wrongful eviction or entry.

Most states allow a multi policy credit when insuring more than one rental property.

Tips for Landlords

  • Require tenants to purchase Renters Insurance and list landlord as Additional Insured
  • Regularly conduct interior and exterior inspections to ensure that there are no maintenance issues which could lead to unnecessary future expenses
  • Essential to check with previous landlords to see if there were any incidences of damaged property, late pay or other red flags
  • Team up with an online service providing credit check, criminal records and general background investigation of prospective tenants
  • Be sure that a rental agreement is signed prior to giving keys


  • Vacant or unoccupied residences are not eligible
  • Residences for sale are not eligible
  • Owner Occupied homes are not eligible in Landlords program
  • Speculative properties intended for ‘flipping’ are not eligible
  • Homes undergoing extensive renovation are not eligible