Earthquake IQ for Homeowners

MYTH:  California will eventually drift into the ocean.

FACT:    It is not possible for California to end up in the ocean; however, gradual movement of the San Andreas fault system has very gradually been sliding Los Angeles and San Francisco closer together! This is nothing for us to worry about!  The actually joining of Los Angeles and San Francisco at the present rate would take 15 Million years.


MYTH:    Earthquakes are strictly natural.

FACT:     Nature is not the only responsible party;  the USGS has found that small quakes caused by the injection of fluids into deep wells for waste disposal and secondary recovery of oil; larger quakes have been recorded where there is heavier mining and nuclear testing.


MYTH:     Animals can predict earthquakes.

FACT:       Animals do not have the ability to predict the future; however, they do have the ability to sense an earthquake’s longitudinal primary waves that travel much faster than the secondary waves, which create ground movement.  Few humans have the ability to notice primary waves but most animals have keener senses.

Animals Sense Earthquakes













Frogs flee days before the Sichuan, China earthquake in 2009.