Daylight Saving Time 2015 – Let’s Spring Ahead!

Spring Ahead Daylight saving time 2015 begins on Sunday, March 8 at 2:00 a.m.   It’s time to spring ahead, just wind your clocks one hour ahead on Saturday night and sleep in an extra hour on Sunday morning to catch up for the lost hour!

This is a happy time for many as they look forward to having an extra hour of light in the evening. For those that are sensitive, they may feel a slight dose of jet lag for the first week as they adjust to the change of the clocks.

Daylight saving time creates a new light-dark cycle which works against the body clock. We’ll get one hour less sunlight in the morning and one more hour in the evening. The cluster of neurons inside our brain are responsible for creating our sleep-wake cycle.

When the sleep-wake and light-dark cycles don’t line up, people can feel tired and groggy; within a week or two, the effect will fade away.