How Do I Cancel My Homeowners Insurance?

Cancel Insurance Policy

A Home Insurance Policy can be cancelled by the Insured at any time;  most commonly, you may wish to cancel your home insurance if you sell your home or if you wish to change insurance companies.

Insurance companies will refund the unearned portion of your paid insurance premium which will be calculated as of the requested cancellation date.  It is important to understand that it is usual for insurance companies to require a signed cancellation request to complete the cancellation.  Once the policy is cancelled, no further coverage exists.

If you have sold your home, it is best advised to fax over a signed cancellation request the day following the close of escrow; thus ensuring that you are covered until the home is no longer in your name.   The cancellation request should include your policy number and request to cancel due to the home being sold;  it should also have your new address for the purpose of sending a confirmation of cancellation and your refund if any is due.