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Alaska home insurance is much different than homeowners insurance in the lower 48 States. Generally, premium is higher in Alaska due to more loss experience mainly as a result of the harsh weather in Alaska. The Frontier State’s weather plays a large role in the premium calculation of Alaska Homeowners Insurance. With the extreme effects from harsh winters to the summer midnight sun, it is amazing that premium isn’t much higher in Alaska. In case we didn’t think that the harsh winters were extreme enough, facts also dictate that there are an average 1,000 earthquakes per month due to Alaska’s beautiful and active geology.

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Whether you reside in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Eagle River, Badger, College, Sitka or any of the outer lying areas, insurance in Alaska is rather simple and hassle free.
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Although home insurance is necessary to protect our homes and provide peace of mind, it may be concerning to know that Alaska’s insurance premium is higher than the National average; however, rates are also dependent on individual factors which include a large variety of available discounts which will reduce the premium. With all the available discounts, it is very possible to generate a lower and affordable Homeowners insurance premium. Stillwater Insurance Group is the leading provider of technologically advanced property insurance products nationwide at a discounted premium.

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Alaska Homeowners Insurance

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