Who ordered Insurance Managed by Technology?

Who ordered Automation?Many state that technology has taken away the personal experience the insurance industry provides, HDA Insurance Brokerage has been working on assisting insurance companies produce and market products boasting great automation; this has been in response to an overwhelming move by consumers requesting a non-personal and more instantaneous method of transacting insurance.

Stillwater Insurance Group, formerly known as Fidelity National Insurance Group, employs an exceptional team of IT designers and engineers who have produced an answer to the endless requests for at least the past 5 years. In conjunction with HDA Insurance, Stillwater Insurance has produced an Online platform for consumers to obtain an insurance quote, answer the necessary underwriting questions and complete the transaction by either printing or saving the insurance policy.

The program dubbed as ‘Home Insurance Online’ is a platform inclusive of Homeowners Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Renters Insurance, Condo Insurance, Townhome Insurance, Earthquake Insurance and Automobile Insurance. Licensed and Admitted in all 50 States, the alliance has released several States and is completing Governmental & Quality Testing approval in the remaining States.

Although it is extremely important that people understand the coverage that they buy and review their policy at each renewal, we are unable to conquer the fact that consumers are progressively trending away from the details in a rush to complete an online purchase in an expedient manner. Many consumers have even been requesting the production of an application whereby insurance can be purchased on a Mobile Phone or PDA.

Insurance Agents are now faced by the threat of an ever growing percentage of clients shopping for coverage online and ultimately purchasing insurance directly from insurance carriers thereby cutting out the producer and the insurance carrier’s associated cost of client acquisition. Local/Retail Insurance Agents will need to expand into Specialty Lines, Commercial Lines & Senior Products where both the industry and clients very much need qualified professionals to individually assist on each risk.

The automation link has been released and can be accessed by clicking on the following link: https://bit.ly/1954BTO The link is an online format to obtain a quote and buy home insurance online in multiple States. It is the hope and desire of the industry to provide consumers with the required tools to properly insure risk without forgoing the educational or informational process which was well served by Insurance Agents in the prior generation.

As of the date of this publication, consumer response has been tremendous and we believe at least 75% of new business production will be underwritten utilizing this new online method of doing business within the next 3 years. The convenience and 24 hour access seems to far outweigh the interest by consumers to ask an agent a quick question; we suspect that in lieu of tradition, many consumers will choose to research their questions online prior to completing the transaction.

Nevertheless, it is important for clients to have a place to go where specific questions can be answered regarding their very personal risk; with a superb Customer Service experience, we hope to achieve what our clients deserve.