Water Heater Failure – Is It Insured?

Hot Water Heater FailureMust Read For Homeowners!

To the astonishment of many, plumbing repairs are not covered by Homeowners Insurance.  There are very few instances in which plumbing systems will be replaced or repaired in the event of a loss; one of those instances would be a fire in which the home was destroyed and needs to be rebuilt – naturally, the home will be rebuilt inclusive of plumbing.  Another instance may be if a vehicle accidentally crashed into your home thus damaging plumbing which needs to be repaired, a standard Homeowners Policy (Form HO-3) would afford coverage for such damage.

Leaky faucets, failing supply lines, failing water heaters and the like are ongoing maintenance issues and are expected to be maintained in good working condition at all times.  It is the homeowners responsibility to assure that all plumbing is inspected and repaired as necessary not to subject the property to adverse risk.

If the failure of your water heater or plumbing system causes damage to the home, the damage would generally be covered by your homeowners and/or landlords policy;  however, this must be confirmed by reviewing your policy coverage details since there are low cost fire insurance options offering as little as ‘Fire & Lightning’ coverage only.  Also, it is important to note that if coverage applies, your policy deductible will be applicable to your claim for reimbursement of damage repairs.

Water Heaters generally come with a warranty period offered by the manufacturer,  you may have a 3 year, 6 year or perhaps as much as a 10 year warranty;  it is important to note that the warranty is limited to specific conditions and must be read in detail.   If a water heater shows any signs of rust, water stains around the base  or if you have intermittent hot water in the home, the chances are the water heater needs to be replaced.   It is highly unlikely for  a water heater to last much more than 10 years and if this is the case, failure is imminent – it would be a great idea to shop for the best price for replacement at your convenience rather than in an emergency at an inconvenient time.

If the water heater is damaged as a result of a sudden and accidental loss such as a house fire, wind damage, hail, lightning , etc., coverage would be afforded under most Homeowners Policies.  If your Water Heater is simply old and has failed, the replacement will not be considered a covered loss under homeowners insurance.  If the home has a Home Warranty Contract, the appliance may be covered under such contract.

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