The Big One – California Earthquake ShakeOut

Take Advantage of the Oct. 15 ShakeOut to Protect Your Home in the Event of The Big One
Earthquake FaultThursday, Oct. 15 is The Great California ShakeOut, so be sure to use this opportunity to inquire about your earthquake insurance needs.

  • Each year there are more than 10,000 earthquakes in California
  • Thursday (Oct. 15) at 10:15 is The Great California Shake Out
  • When an earthquake strikes, Drop, Cover and Hold On:
      • Drop to the ground.
      • Take cover under a sturdy object such as a table to escape flying debris. With one hand, cover your head and neck.
      • With the other hand, hold on to a table leg, because it may shift to expose you.
    • Learn preparation tips that can help save your property – and possibly your life.
    • Your homeowners policy may not cover any earthquake damage. A separate residential earthquake policy might be needed.
Call or Click Today for a quick no-obligation earthquake insurance quote, and get ready to ShakeOut