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Homeowners Insurance

Once you have made your house your home, we assure its protection. A Stillwater Insurance Group homeowners insurance policy will insure the replacement of your home and contents. Homeowners policies are package forms inclusive of Personal Liability coverage offering protection in the event of negligence claims brought against the insured.

Landlords Insurance

Tenant Occupied homes are protected by this valuable form of insurance; providing the reconstruction or repair of the home in the event of a covered loss, as well as reimbursement for the loss of rents and premises liability coverage for the owner of the home.

Townhome/Condo Insurance

Condos and townhomes are protected by a slightly different form of homeowners insurance. Since the homeowners association usually holds a commercial master policy covering the exterior of the dwelling, condo or townhome owners will purchase a 'Walls-In' Homeowners Policy providing coverage for the interior of the unit, personal contents, loss of use and personal liability protection.

Renters Insurance

Many people are renters; whether living in a single family home, a condo, a townhome, or an apartment, there is a need to insure personal property, loss of use, and personal liability. Not only is this form of insurance becoming more in demand as Landlords are holding tenants responsible for providing renters insurance, but in many states, renters insurance is required as a stipulation on the standard lease agreement.

Home Insurance – Direct

Homeowners Insurance…..more new home buyers insure with Stillwater insurance than any other carrier in Western States. With 24/7 claims reporting, exemplary claims service, personalized customer service, online policy access and ease of doing business, Stillwater Insurance leads the way into the next generation of home insurance online.

Stillwater Insurance offers a vast array of discounts not limited to New Purchase Credit, New Home Discount, Insured Age Credit, Marital Status Credit, Accredited Builder Credit, Central Station Alarm Credit and many more…. For those seeking a carrier leading in insurance technology making it easy to obtain a quote, purchase insurance and access the policy online, this is a match made in heaven…