Southern Mexico Earthquake 7.4

EarthquakeMexico’s national seismology service has reported a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred the morning of June 23, in Oaxaca, Mexico.  This quake was strong enough to be felt over 400 miles away in Mexico City.  Thankfully, early reports state that the damage is not too extensive and major infrastructure in the region is in good shape.

While this event is many miles away from the United States, this is a great opportunity to ponder about residential earthquake insurance.  There have been a multitude of seismic events on the pacific rim reminding us about the risk caused by earthquakes.  HDA Insurance offers a wide range of flexible insurance products for earthquake risk to provide coverage options for homes and commercial properties.

HDA Insurance,  since 1986, has strived to offer earthquake insurance products that are flexible in price and coverage to offer the best possible protection for your residential and commercial properties.

Please connect with us should you need any assistance assessing your particular situation in regards to earthquake risk so that you can have the proper protection in place before the next event occurs.