Commercial Insurance Package Product – Small Business

Small Business Insurance Package

During the past year, we’ve realized what a competitive niche we have to offer on Small Business Owners Packages and Lessors Risk policies. We are able to write the Property, the Tenant Business or both the Property and Business in an owner occupied scenario. Presently admitted to underwrite in the following 17 States:

Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, Utah, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico & Tennessee 

Presently our top classes being considered are the following:

Nail Salons, Insurance Agencies, Office, Retail, Restaurant, Consultant, Church, Hair Stylist/Barbers, Massage Therapist, Online Retail, Real Estate Agent/Broker, Convenience Store, Professional Office, Property Manager

All of our Business Owners Package policies include the following:

  • Blanket Additional Insured Coverage

  • Waiver of Subrogation

  • Primary & Non-Contributory Language

Not only is our Commercial Small Business Insurance program extremely competitive,  we also offer a 5% paid in full discount for customers who select the Annual Pre Payment method.   Our representatives are able to underwrite the business risk within 4 minutes providing an instant quote thereafter;  if agreeable, the completion of the process and issuance of the Business Owners Package Policy may take approximately another 2 minutes.

For Discount Business Insurance, give us a call with your information ready at hand and we’ll insure you for a lifetime of success!