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Pet Insurance

HDA Pet Insurance offers freedom from financial stress when choosing the best available veterinary care for your pet.

Health Insurance Plans cover the unexpected illnesses and injuries of your dog or cat.

Medical Claims

You can visit any licensed veterinary practice, emergency hospital or specialist.

We will reimburse up to 100% of your actual vet bill with unlimited coverage and no limits on claim payouts.

Easy To Manage

Get a Quick FREE Pet Insurance Quote and purchase the plan that suits you best.

When an illness or injury occurs, get the best veterinary treatment possible for your furry friend.

Submit your bills and the Plan will pay you electronically.

Dog & Cat Medical Insurance Plans

There are more advanced veterinary specialists and treatments available today than ever before. As research provides more advanced procedures, more specialists are taking on the task of curing illness and improving the quality of life of our furry friends.

These treatments are costly and often unaffordable; many pet owners are faced with the option of either paying thousands of dollars or ending the life of a loyal and loving family member. Why hesitate to offer the best for your pet; pet insurance is designed with this in mind.

Average plans cost a little over $1 per day allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have offered your pet the best that you could possibly do to provide quality health care and great quality of life.


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