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Welcome to Texas

It is no surprise that people from all over are flocking to Texas, the largest and fastest growing state in the country.  From the delicious barbeque to the bustling economy, Texas has a great mind of its own. Texas is a large state with many cities all a little different to fit any family’s desire.

With the huge demand for homeowners insurance for new home purchases in Texas, we have prepared a few tips to help those who may need a simple guide to get started.

Moving to Te

  • Be Ready for a Warmer Climate
    Texas is huge, weather conditions do vary depending on which part of the state you are planning to live in.  There are humid and dry parts, there are moderate and also extreme weather conditions at times.

    The summers are mostly hot and uncomfortably humid in parts, air conditioning is a must!   The winters are mostly mild, the temperatures are usually about 60 degrees unless an occasional cold front comes through.

    The Gulf Coast does get hit by hurricanes and Texas averages more tornadoes per year than any other state.  At best, the weather is unpredictable.   For those seeking a cooler climate, Texas definitely isn’t your place!

  • Texas has Lower Taxes
    Texas is one of seven states where there is no state income tax.  Where most states with no state tax have higher sales tax, this isn’t true about Texas.   Texas has always encouraged business ownership through lower tax and less regulations.

    To learn more about the great tax climate and advantages offered by Texas, you may visit:

    Famous Texas

  • Home Ownership is Affordable
    Texans love owning their homes.   The median home value for homes for sale in Texas is about $185,000 according to   Home values are far less than the national average even taking into consideration an average 7% annual increase in home sale values.

    If moving to Texas,  may help point out the most appropriate cities to match your family goals.

  • Lower Utility Bills
    Texas has a proven record of maintaining a deregulated electricity market; homeowners can choose their energy supplier.  The free marketplace allow providers to compete and offer great offers for those shopping for lower energy costs.

    The Texas Public Utility Commission has some great resources for shopping rates and providers.  You may visit Power to Choose  or  Power to Save which will help you make the best power choices.

  • Thriving Job Market
    Texas has a very strong petroleum industry, as well as wind energy, healthcare, education and a large and growing technology sector.  Major employers in the State include:  Shell, Texas A&M University, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dell, Tesla, ExxonMobil and Lockheed Martin.

    Although the Lone Star State’s population has grown 12.6% since 2010, the growing job market has sustained the growth.

  • Foodie Paradise
    This great State is a fusion of culinary flavors.  From the buffets of Tex-Mex cuisine, Texan barbeque restaurants, Chiles all over and happy-hours in every quadrant are just a few examples of the gastronomic freedoms offered by Texas.

    It is hard for a week to go by where you haven’t tasted some great barbeque, had fresh guacamole and been served delicious fajitas; Texans love their food!

  • Traffic is an issue
    The Lone Star State is a large and geographically spread out footprint; thus, Texans are very dependent on their cars for getting around.  Public transit hasn’t done too well due to the vast area covered by the State.

    For those moving to Texas, it is worth considering living within a few miles from your place of employment which will greatly improve your quality of life spending less time on the road.

  • In Texas, Everything is Bigger
    The State isn’t the only oversized item, absolutely everything is bigger!  Steaks are huge, food portions are huge, shopping centers are huge and people like to drive big trucks.   Texas is the largest State in the contiguous 48 states and only 2nd in size to Alaska.


Homeowners Insurance Advice – Tips

  1. Some areas in Texas generally where adverse weather conditions exist are very hard to find insurance at a reasonable cost.
    For example, the Coastal towns are subject to hurricane activity off the Gulf of Mexico;  in these areas, you’ll need to purchase Homeowners Insurance, Separate Wind & Hail Insurance as well as Flood Insurance  in order to protect your home.
  2. Get a FREE Homeowners Insurance Quote before you make any final decisions on a home;  the insurance quote will give you some insight about the risk in the area. If the premium is high, you need to ask more questions about the area.  If the cost of home insurance is reasonable, the chances are that there is relatively low risk and this may be an ideal place to live.
  3. Make sure that your Homeowners Insurance includes ‘Wind and Hail’ coverage which is required by mortgage companies.  Also many policies carry a separate deductible for this valuable coverage;  in higher risk areas, you may select different deductible options to better suit your risk appetite.
Patriots Moving to Texas
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Patriots Moving to Texas
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