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Calling on Successful Loan Processors:

Mortgage Loan ProcessorsPartner mortgage origination teams and clients reap the benefits of the Loan Officer’s consultative approach!

Unlock your potential by helping others in your everyday endeavors; the gift of a more helpful approach will guide a smooth transaction and closing with great communication and a process that’s remembered for next time the client needs your assistance!

‘Homeowners Insurance’ is many times viewed as the necessary evil, the boring topic, the most avoided item and often the least respected.  Insurance is a security instrument to all concerned risking capital in the purchase of a home.

In the age of modernity, texting, less personable communication and an ever increasing busy schedule,  your simple answer may be automation, communication and helping a client, real estate agent and mortgage broker simplify the process.

Many mortgage companies offer an institutional method to provide a Homeowners Insurance option (or Landlords Insurance option) which is simply a very accurate and automated process attached to the loan file; while most necessary information is available on Page 1 of the Form 1003, there’s no excuse not to have a quote ready for the client should they not wish to handle it themselves or perhaps simply the possibility of a less expensive option.

As you gain your competitive service edge; we can offer the following:

  • Super Competitive Rates, Financial Stability, 50 States
  • 1 Hour Quote Turnaround with 1003 requests
  • Online Customer/Officer Portal Available
  • 24 Hour Claims Reporting
  • 1 Hour Policy & Invoice Issuance
  • Homeowners – Landlords – Condo – Renters

Whether you are dealing with credit issues, a DTI ratio or simply want to internally offer a value-added service, we’re happy to help!

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