How to Buy Residential Earthquake Insurance – CA, OR, & WA ?

Residential Earthquake Insurance serving CA, OR, & WA  

If you live anywhere along the West Coast, chances are you’ve felt the ground suddenly lurch beneath your feet, windows shake violently, and items fly off shelves, crashing to the ground—all of which leave you more than a little shaky yourselves. Fortunately, you can stay on solid ground with HDA Insurance’s residential and small commercial earthquake insurance policies. Why HDA Insurance?

  1. A broad range of risks. We take on certain risk types that other carriers simply don’t provide. We can write a wide range of personal dwellings, ranging from small condo units or bungalows to multi-million-dollar mansions for up to a total insured value of $15 million.
  2. Customized earthquake insurance options where you only select the coverage you wish to buy;  for instance, many well informed homeowners have been purchasing earthquake coverage for the dwelling (house) and some additional coverage for Loss of Use (or Fair Rental Value).  By customizing your coverage, there’s no necessity to pay for packaged coverage which you simply may not wish to buy.
  3. Ease of use.  Applications are processed super quickly with an option to pay by check or credit card, also allow up to six payments for the annual policy term.
  4. Deductible options from 25% to as low as 2.5%.
  5. Handled by licensed non-sales oriented personnel trained to answer questions and provide options accordingly.
  6. Program Rating –  CA Domiciled, A-Excellent by A.M.Best and ‘Admitted’ in each state of authority.

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance isn’t ideal for everyone; it is a catastrophic product geared towards homeowners with sizable equity who wish to protect their assets from earthquake damage. It is most ideal for customers who have paid off their homes and least ideal for homeowners with no equity.

Earthquake Insurance premium varies greatly between deductible options; the deductible is a percentage of the coverage afforded on the policy and not related to a presented claim or value of damage.

Earthquake Insurance

Homeowners are urged to view the risk of earthquake on a long-term basis when calculating deductible options.  It is more likely to suffer the consequences of a catastrophic earthquake over a span of 10 or 20 years rather than simply focusing on the next year.