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Homeowners Insurance


Covid-19 has come upon us as if it were a plague.  Recent events have served as a reminder of the importance of being connected, we all need the business community to remain intact and support the needs of fellow business owners and property owners. HDA Insurance Brokerage has remained both open and committed as always to being available for our clients and community in the midst of these difficult times.  We are supporting the daily operations of our clients, affiliated mortgage brokers and affiliated real estate agents who are diligently working to facilitate home purchasing and refinancing within the confines of caution. We’ve worked with our carrier partners to facilitates premium credits where justified without the request of our insured clientele.

We invite the eminent opening of our businesses and community, and wish to continue to stay connected. Although many have suffered and continue to suffer during the worldwide pandemic, it is important that we try to focus on positive lessons and move forward so that we may all collectively be stronger than before. One huge part of the pandemic has been the resilience of our communities, whether young or old, to join together using technology – this has greatly improved efficiency and further reduced traffic in most communities.  We look forward to a new and better tomorrow for all!

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We are here for you!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out!