Home Insurance Online has become a whole lot simpler. (Technology)

Simple Home InsuranceUp to now, all phases of the insurance underwriting cycle for homes has been hampered by a deficit of insight available to carriers. We have now created a Self Service Quote & Issue platform for real estate professionals and consumers alike utilizing the most recent advances in technology.

By combining innovative location, structure, environment and occupant insight, we seamlessly receive the most complete and valid view of property risk available all at a specific address level. These capabilities have simplified the home insurance underwriting process allowing the client and carrier to operate in a seamless and transparent environment.


Greater depth and breadth means far fewer unknowns which in carrier terms means elimination of adverse risk. Our deeper and wider view of risk on location, property, occupants and environment gives the carrier more confidence to predict risk and price premium granularly like never before.

The right data is the right perspective at the right time. We need to win the information race, take property risk information seriously, and ensure we know every data element’s lineage, quality and validity. By utilizing real time property specific address level information, we enhance our ability to underwrite, price and monitor risk over time to enable you to pay lower premium.

The advanced online platform to deliver a home insurance quote and issue the policy must be flexible and easy to use. Underwriting and claims components of our platform were built from the ground up to deliver this transparent vision.

The status quo isn’t good enough for us! We expect to continue to use technology to quote, underwrite, issue, service and communicate with our policyholder base. It is our ultimate goal to earn a greater market share as well as implement loss controls in order to maintain a lower premium base.