Protect Your Home From Vacation Burglary

Home Alarm Insurance

Unattended homes are always a greater target than occupied homes. American report two million burglaries every year according to the FBI. There are few ways burglars search for their next target, but your property becomes particularly attractive if they know you have left for vacation. A few simple actions will dramatically decrease your chances of becoming a victim. Homeowners Insurance is important but it does not prevent burglars from visiting!

Remove Obvious Signs of Absence. The majority of burglaries are not committed by professional thieves; a tempting invitation of your absence is all they need.

  • Keep your cars in the garage and not outside to gather layers of dust.
  • Shrubbery in front of windows will prevent burglars from snooping.
  • Jewelry and other valuables should be stored in a locked safe or off location.

Be A Good Neighbor. Other than the pleasant advantages of getting along with neighbors, there lies a common interest to keep the neighborhood safe.

  • You may want to leave a key with a trusted neighbor and have them keep an eye on the house in your absence.
  • The Mail and Newspaper deliveries should be placed on a temporary hold.
  • Ask the neighbor to collect any advertisement fliers or anything else that may be left during your absence.

Automatic Lights. Create the image of business as usual as if someone is home.

  • Timers are an inexpensive way of turning on lights and radios.
  • Motion sensors work well to light up the exterior of the home.
  • It is best not to close all window coverings which would be a certain indicator over time that no one is home.
  • Do not leave any valuables in open sight whether in a vehicle or in view from a window.

Keep It Locked. Over 25% of burglaries occur through an unlocked door or window. It is important to lock all doors and windows.

  • After lending a key to a worker or unknown person, it is a good idea to change the locks.
  • All exterior doors should have a deadbolt or secondary locking device.
  • Window locks can be purchased at a hardware store to prevent windows from being forced open.
  • The installation of a Monitored Security System would significantly lower your chances of a burglary; burglars would rather visit a home without the obstacle. This would also help reduce the cost of your Homeowners Insurance.

If you ever come home and suspect that your home has been broken into, it is never a good idea to enter the house.  The best thing to do is to call the Police and wait for them to check the home and secure your safe entry.