Home and Property Insurance – What’s the Hype?

Protect Your House

For Renters or Homeowners, residing in a single story house or multi story condominium building, your home and personal belongings are most likely your biggest investments. The assurance of protecting your home and contents with the best available insurance options through HDA Insurance may be your best choice yet. Affordable home insurance package options include personal liability protection and many additional endorsements, underwritten by the nation’s best insurance carriers specializing in superior customer service, efficient and expedient claims service, and access to customer policies via the consumer portal.

Why Insure Your Home?

Both property and liability are a significant coverage factor in homeowners insurance packages; both can be detrimental to your financial future. Whether you are a home owner seeking protection for your dream home or whether you are an apartment renter seeking to secure protection against liability claims of negligence, it is essential to know that your customized homeowners insurance package policy is there to protect your interest. Different form of home insurance are available:


  • Homeowners – Single Family – Owner Occupied
  • Landlords – 1 – 4 Unit – Tenant Occupied
  • Condo or Townhome Unit Owners – Owner or Tenant Occupied
  • Renters Insurance – Residential Rental Units
  • Vacant Home – Short Term (6 months or 1 year)
  • Manufactured Home Insurance – Manufactured or Modular Homes


All above forms of property insurance are classified as personal lines; shopping centers, apartment buildings and other commercial buildings are all underwritten as Commercial Policies and written on various different forms.

Protecting Your Assets And Mortgage Interest!

When purchasing your house, townhouse, or condo, you may have applied for a mortgage to help pay for the home; you mortgage company requires property insurance to cover their interest; the Mortgage Industry refers to insurance with a general term of Hazard Insurance. Only the extremely wealthy can self insure risk; however, even they run the great risk of liability claims against them. It is always best to purchase an affordable and comprehensive homeowners insurance policy; a small premium will go a long way in the event of a claim. There are so many ways to reduce the premium but still keep the same peace of mind.

Self Service or Personalized Service?

As technology advances, many of us would like to go it alone!   HDA Insurance has the online technology available for those that are well versed in Homeowners Insurance and truly understand the coverage that they seek. HDA Insurance offers FREE Quotes online nationwide as well as the ability to purchase insurance in most cases directly online.

For those that would like assistance reviewing their present coverage and future options, representatives are available to assist and handle the whole process.