Hazards that could cause damage to your California Home!

As a California, Arizona or Nevada resident, you should be aware of some of the hazards that may cause damage to your house and personal belongings. Each home should have an emergency plan in order to minimize the risk of damage to the home should these events occur. It is important to have appropriate house insurance so that you can be compensated for the repairs to the damage caused by covered perils.

Storm Damage

Storms happen all the time, and often the damage is minimal or negligible. However, sometimes storms can lead to significant amounts of damage. Areas to watch are roofing and tiles, garden and landscaping, outdoor furniture and structures, windows, and drains. Storms can sometime cause disruption to electricity and power.


Flooding is a common occurrence in some areas, and while many of us might think of flooding as too much water, the fact is that flooding can cause a lot of damage. Flooding can damage flooring, furniture, carpeting, and electrical appliances and wiring. In extreme cases, it could cause structural damage to your house. Flooding can also be very dangerous, especially around electrical items and power lines, as water conducts electricity.


Earthquakes are relatively common in California, which is why many residents take out earthquake insurance to stay covered. Earthquakes can cause minimal to complete structural damage to the home, as well as destruction of furniture, appliances, and fixtures.

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