Is Garage Door Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Garage Door Insurance

It may seem logical that your Garage Door is automatically covered by your homeowners insurance policy.   It is necessary to understand that Homeowners Insurance offers protection against a list of perils;  your home and garage door are covered against the perils of Fire, Lightning, Wind, Hail and many other perils that may be listed in your policy contract.

The Garage Door will not be covered if damaged due to mechanical failure, wear and tear or any perils not afforded coverage for under your insurance policy.

If the garage door is hit by an identified vehicle, the damage would most likely be covered by the vehicle’s liability insurance policy; if the same instance occurs but the vehicle disappears and remains unidentified, coverage may be afforded by your homeowners insurance policy but would be subject to the applicable deductible.

Before any repairs or attempt to move anything, it would be wise to take photos and keep any receipts of repairs or expenses caused as a result of the damage.

In most areas, the replacement of garage doors may be as little as $500; since the cost of replacement may be below the policy deductible, it may be an opportunity to simply replace the door without involving your insurance company and going through the claims process which will most likely be reported to the National Claims Database.